Why New Mommies are so Sentimental

Being a mom, especially a new one, we’re always looking for ways to capture these fleeting occurrences.  Before they arrive we are capturing their essence with 3D photos and maternity shoots. We preserve their first outfit from the hospital and every outfit after that, scrapbook every new milestone, and have become mamarazzis for our little ones.

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What's the Point of Getting Organized?

I’m leaving a client’s house and before I could reach the car, she calls out,

“Melissa, what’s the point of all this?”

I say, “You tell me.” She is the one who called; she should know right?  

“Because I’m transforming!” She laughs, smiles, and waves good-bye.

 I don’t mean to get deep, I’m just telling you what happened.

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Minimalism: A Rich Life Without Having to be Rich

It’s the day after Christmas, and I’m running to the mall. Not to buy anything, God no. I’m not a fan of nationwide sales. Especially the kind that tricks you into believing you’re saving so much money it’s necessary to abandon quality time with friends, family or even yourself, to buy more stuff you won’t use or wear. I was returning some gifts that were well-intended but not quite right for me. I was confident hardly anyone would be at the mall. It was raining, gloomy,  and it was the day after Christmas after all.

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