Habit Tracking: the Perfect Motivator for Personal Change

Recently a book changed my life. Maybe not changed my life but changed how I see my life. “Change your perspective and everything changes,” they say.  I have five more days until the library takes Better than Before back, so I’ve been frantically reading it day and night. The book is about recognizing your habits, building the good ones, while eliminating the bad ones. I always thought that anyone could build habits as long as they schedule it and take action for 30 days than whalah, new habit in place. But it’s not that easy is it.

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Mothers, Permission to be Tardy

The greatest commodity is time. Not money, talent or possessions, but time. I never truly realized how precious it was until I became a mother. A lot of my time was consumed with thinking about his needs, my responsibilities and everything in between. Suddenly I found myself using every minute of every day getting attempting to get things done.

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Why New Mommies are so Sentimental

Being a mom, especially a new one, we’re always looking for ways to capture these fleeting occurrences.  Before they arrive we are capturing their essence with 3D photos and maternity shoots. We preserve their first outfit from the hospital and every outfit after that, scrapbook every new milestone, and have become mamarazzis for our little ones.

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What's the Point of Getting Organized?

I’m leaving a client’s house and before I could reach the car, she calls out,

“Melissa, what’s the point of all this?”

I say, “You tell me.” She is the one who called; she should know right?  

“Because I’m transforming!” She laughs, smiles, and waves good-bye.

 I don’t mean to get deep, I’m just telling you what happened.

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