The Feel Free Club


There’s nothing more beautiful and scary than bringing a new life into the world. Much preparation needs to be done mentally, financially and physically. No one is ever fully prepared for this next phase of life. When I was pregnant I was worried about a lot things, but building a nursery was not one of them. Many mothers struggle with this area. They’re either too tired, too busy, or don’t know where to start. That’s where The Feel Free Club comes in.


One of the most important areas to prep is the nursery. This is where you'll spend majority of your time feeding, changing, and rocking your baby. You want this area to be comfortable, beautiful, and ORGANIZED.


  • Hands-on organizing: categorizing, sorting and prepping each area of the room for complete comfort and functionality

  •  Assembly of furniture
  •  Product list: once we have an idea of what you have, we can then make a list of things you’re missing. We can make the purchases for you or you can use the list to purchase the items yourself
  • Complimentary donation haul: At no extra cost we will remove any unwanted items to recycle or donate.

*All donations are given to local non-profits or donated for community charity projects hosted by The Feel Free Club.


Depending on where you are in the process of creating your nursery will determine which package best fit your needs.

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