With patience, vision, and a real passion for bringing order to chaos, The Feel Free Club will be there to declutter and reorganize your space for more efficiency and ease. We’ll also identify the enemies that are keeping your space in disarray and implement systems to defeat them once and for all. The result is a space that is good to you, where things can be easily found and put away.

what we organize

  • bedrooms
  • bathrooms
  • closets / wardrobes
  • kid / playrooms
  • kitchens / pantries
  • living rooms
  • basement / dens / garages
  • offices / paper
  • corporate office / time management


Phone Consultation: 30 minute conversation detailing your project and how we can help. If you're ready for your free consultation call now.

Home Edit: Once you decide to move forward, an initial walk-thru is scheduled to survey the residence, discuss materials needed, and estimated time to complete. A customized plan of organization is given for each disorganized area. Keep your Home Edit as your organization blueprint or for future diy projects. OPTIONAL, BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 

First Session: Together we identify the goals for the days session.  You have the choice to work along or leave it to the professionals. Either way, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the end of our time together.


Depending on the amount of rooms and how fast you need it done will determine the amount of organizers needed. Packages can be found hereCall today or email

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