The moving process is not a joyful one. Let us help.


Whether you’re relocating due to a company move, family expansion, or downsizing, we at The Feel Free Club can help facilitate a stress free and time-saving experience.

Professional Organizers are great at making the moving process seamless. With an organized purging, packing and unpacking method, we can help move all your things out and into your new home. You can relax, run errands, take a nap, whatever you want to do, but packing or unpacking does not have to be one of them.


Each organizer will be equipped with all necessary materials to accomplish the move (tapegun, box cutter, sharpie, labels etc.) Moving supplies can be provided if necessary (boxes, packing paper) upon request. There are multiple ways we can assist in your relocation:



unpacking + organizing

Get Organized. Call Today!


1. Take inventory

We take a look at all the rooms and decide on the materials needed and the time estimate to completely pack your home

**Materials can be provided by you or us**


Professional Organizers come in and pack room by room leaving nothing behind. All boxes are labeled systematically so movers know exactly where everything goes in your new home.

**The moving company is your responsibility but I have numerous trustworthy companies if you need a referral**


The home you've been in for minutes suddenly looks like you've been there for years. We unpack all the rooms and organize each area neatly and customized to your specific lifestyle. Your home gets unpacked, organized, and decorated all at the same time!


4. walk-through

We make sure you know where everything is in each room and make any adjustments if need be. By the time we leave, you'll feel confident, relieved, and most importantly, at home.

Complimentary donation haul: At no extra cost we will remove any unwanted items to recycle or donate.


Depending on the square footage of your home and how fast you need to move will determine the amount of organizers you need. Packages can be found hereCall today or email