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Kitchen Hack - How I Prep Meals for the Week

There are a few really important areas that require weekly prep work for me to have a successful week:

Reviewing my calendar
Cleaning my home
Meal prepping

Doing these things consistently became more possible the more I embrace a  minimalist lifestyle. Here's are some of my favorite home organization hacks for meal prepping.

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Social Media: Entertainment or Addiction?

Since social media makers understand how we’re intrinsically wired, and continues to learn as we are constantly sending feedback by using the apps, they have the ability to direct our attention and occupy our time how they feel is best for their business model, not for what is best for us as individuals or as a society.

5 Ways to Make Goals More Manageable & Achievable

5 Ways to Make Goals More Manageable & Achievable

We all have goals. Some huge, others small. No matter the size, sometimes the goal requires more from us than we realized. This feeling can cause doubt, procrastination and sometimes drop the goal all together.  Whether your goals are ginormous or just a step in the right direction, learning ways to make goals more achievable without it taking over your life never hurt anyone. 

The Sweet Satisfaction of an Empty Inbox

The Sweet Satisfaction of an Empty Inbox

It’s funny how much we resist the very things we want. We want to get up early and be more productive, but hit snooze every time. We want peace and happiness but over complicate our lives and over commit ourselves to things we don’t enjoy. We want to meet new, interesting people but hesitate having conversations with those who aren’t like us.

What's the Point of Getting Organized?

What's the Point of Getting Organized?

I’m leaving a client’s house and before I could reach the car, she calls out,

“Melissa, what’s the point of all this?”

I say, “You tell me.” She is the one who called; she should know right?  

“Because I’m transforming!” She laughs, smiles, and waves good-bye.

 I don’t mean to get deep, I’m just telling you what happened.