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How I Declutter My Mind

I have always been considered a "thinker." The depths of my curiosity has no bounds. If I'm not careful, the intensity of my exploration can paralyze me, make me ill, and ultimately force myself to question who I am and why I'm here. It can be truly overwhelming.

Social Media: Entertainment or Addiction?

Since social media makers understand how we’re intrinsically wired, and continues to learn as we are constantly sending feedback by using the apps, they have the ability to direct our attention and occupy our time how they feel is best for their business model, not for what is best for us as individuals or as a society.

5 Ways to Make Goals More Manageable & Achievable

5 Ways to Make Goals More Manageable & Achievable

We all have goals. Some huge, others small. No matter the size, sometimes the goal requires more from us than we realized. This feeling can cause doubt, procrastination and sometimes drop the goal all together.  Whether your goals are ginormous or just a step in the right direction, learning ways to make goals more achievable without it taking over your life never hurt anyone. 

The Power, Pain, and Process of Letting Go

The Power, Pain, and Process of Letting Go

Letting go is not about throwing everything away, cutting off toxic relationships, and chopping off all your hair.  Granted, each of these things may happen as you shed the old you and welcome in a new phase. But there’s more going on underneath the surface...

The Decision for a Blank Slate

Atlanta professional organizer

Every day I encourage people to feel free. Donate this, toss that. The look reflected back at me is always the same, as if I’m speaking a different language. I then go into the many reasons why they don’t need all this stuff. Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes I might as well be talking to a wall. Either way, when I leave they feel better, less stressed, less overwhelmed, and more relaxed, but I don’t. I may get rid of possessions daily, but I don’t feel free.

I feel pressure and expectations to get things done, make goals happen, bring happiness to those I love, and to wake-up and impress myself. I’ve shed a lot of material things, but I still feel constrained. Starting my business granted me freedom of time (the very thing I thought I needed to live fully). But then there were people telling me how to run a business, how to be a mother, how to love, how to be loved, and ultimately how to live. I never realized how much I haven’t chosen solely on my own. Being the self-driven and out-spoken individual, I am, this came as a shock. How much of a roll have others played on my life and the decisions I’ve made? How much of it is me and how much of it is the box I created around me?

As I get older, each day I take interest in things I would have never given a second thought before. Someone like me doesn’t do those things, wear, listen or buy those things. I’d like to believe I’m adventurous and open but it’s as long as it fits within the parameters of who I expect to be, who my parents raised me to be, who my friends are, and who society says I am.

"Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it."             -Joshua Becker

Your values are not only reflected in material possessions, but choices and commitments as well. Here I am thinking it’s the things holding people back (myself included) but it’s the choices tied to them that's creating the damage.

With only weeks away from my 28th birthday, I feel the strongest urge to reevaluate the life I’ve created. The choices I’ve made have gotten me here, yet some are keeping me here as well. Every day of September I’ll be letting go of choices, commitments, and of course things til September 19th. Feel free to join in for your own declutter voyage  or watch the journey unfold.  What better way to freedom than granting yourself a blank slate.

Feel free,