Why the Information You Learn does Nothing for Your Business or Your Life

Why the Information You Learn does Nothing for Your Business or Your Life

They say when you know better you should do better. People take in valuable information everyday and choose not to apply it. Why is that? Is it forgetfullness, laziness, or being too comfortable? I am always reading or watching something that is going to teach me something about anything. But what's the point of all this knowledge if it's not applied anywhere? Is it my goal to become a walking library?! Absolutely not.

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Hunger

HungerThere are times you can want something badly enough that you may sound crazy. You yearn for something that seems so out of reach yet so close at the same time, and you believe that with enough effort you could actually have it. It doesn’t matter if no one around you has found it or reached where you aspire to go. The point is you know what you are capable of and that’s enough for you. I have heard from so many females that there are no guys available and all are players, not smart enough, not cute enough, not fly enough, not established enough and so on. Yes, there may not be an infinite pool of perfect men to choose from, but all you need is one. The same can be said about finding a job. So many people are unemployed and yes I did probably send out 50 to 75 applications until I landed a job I was willing to take. I also knew that if I stayed consistent, stayed hungry, I would find a position. But even when you finally get there, you may realize it’s not what you thought it would be. Something may be off, not quite right, and now you want something different.

You’ve worked hard to get here. Friends and family are telling you how many other people would love to be in your shoes. Yet, the sense of dissatisfaction grows as you want more, and maybe not more but different. Don’t fear this pull. Allow it to push you with urgency into the next phase in your life. We were never meant to be dormant and fall into the trap of complacency. We are urged to venture, explore, and discover new parts about life and ourselves.

Whenever someone is pressing that you stay content with where you are, take it with a grain of salt. You moving on and forward can be an undeniable sign that they are not, and that can make people extremely uncomfortable. Now this is also not a memo to be a rolling stone- in any sense.

You are where you are for a reason. (I can’t stress that enough)

The question is:

How do you keep moving forward while in the same place?

- If it’s within a certain job or with a certain person, never stop working on yourself. By consistently progressing, that job or that relationship may turn into what you actually want and if not you are now better prepared for the next thing to come along and less fearsome of it.

- Get a hobby. Honestly, it’s amazing how much you learn about yourself when you work on something you love. In the process you will also connect with others who have the same interests. Not only does this spice up your lifestyle it gives you an opportunity become an expert in an area that may be beneficial for your future. (Your talents always follow you)

-Lastly, this has been the most beneficial but let me warn you, it is also the most difficult. Be the solution, not the problem. It is all too easy to become part of the ruckus and jump on the bandwagon of confusion and uncooperativeness. But this strategy does nothing for you nor the people affected. Find ways to solve issues instead of becoming one.

Don’t stifle the hunger- feed it.

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How to Focus & Master your Craft

FocusHow many times have you thought of a great idea, then another, and another and felt like you’re truly capable of doing all of them? There are times when our dreams get so big and we can see so many different roads to our future, that it’s hard to focus on merely just one. It’s amazing how far our imagination will take us. One day you’re a top chef in LA, the next day you’re the funniest comedian on Youtube, and tomorrow you’re a promoter of all things fashion. There are so many roles we want to play in our lifetime and feel we have all the time in the world to do them. Time enough to chase that dream, reach that goal, and reinvent ourselves over and over again. Truth is we don’t. We don’t have a lot of time because none of us know when our last minute is coming. So you have to make a choice. A choice to focus on the top most important things you would like to accomplish or acquire.

“When you focus on 10 different things you’re only giving 10%”

When you have so many different things you’re trying to pursue, your effort is half-ass. You’re not totally committed. You haven’t put forth the creative effort it deserves. You’re not putting forth the best of your abilities.

"But what if I have a lot of interest and I’m passionate about many different things?"

Great question. My answer is this: Sit your butt down, decide on the top 3 things (and three is the absolute MAX) and make a commitment to putting your time and energy towards those three things (and ABSOLUTELY nothing else) until they’re complete. Once your foundation is set you can incorporate your other interests one by one and add on to what you’ve already established. Another reason for this is because accomplishments bring on other accomplishments. If you dedicate more of your time towards one thing and reach it, that feeling of pure bliss once you have crossed the finish line will motivate you to keep pressing forward.

When I first started my journey as an entrepreneur, I wanted to do something new every week. On top of my blogging, I started writing a memoir, began launching a housesitting, pet sitting, and babysitting service, taking coaching classes, built not one but TWO websites, all while trying to jumpstart a Twitter, YouTube and IG account for my business -___- . There is no way I could be proficient in any one area. I was totally all over the place. I didn’t realize then that people who are multi-passionate and driven need focus more than anyone else. It’s a skill I had to learn and I’m still working on. Since then, I’ve honed in on a couple of areas and eliminated things that can wait. I am better equipped, more skilled, progressing daily, and enjoying the journey a whole lot more.

Take your time. Develop your craft and then master it. Do all the things you want to do but do it one at a time.

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