Local Community Pricing

Thanks for taking the time to invest in yourself and a local small business. We value you greatly, so we've designed packages for family, friends, and communities just like you. Feel Free Club Organizing has the perfect package to fit your organization & relocation needs. Choose the hours + the amount of organizers needed and you're all set. Once you've decided on a package email your choice. We look forward to serving you!

Feel Free Club Organizing Pricing


1 Organizer: 180

2 Organizers: 360

3 Organizers: 540

4 Organizers: 720

Name *
hours + organizer


1 Organizer: 270

2 Organizers: 540

3 Organizers: 810

4 Organizers: 1080

Name *
hours + organizer


1 Organizer: 540

2 Organizers: 1080

3 Organizers: 1620

4 Organizers: 2160

Name *
hours + organizer

How do I determine how many organizers I need? 

  • 1 is perfect for single area projects
  • 2 is perfect for studios or 1 bedroom/ 1 bathroom residences
  • 3 is perfect for 2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom residences
  • 4 is perfect for anything greater than 2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom residences

How do I determine how many hours I need?

  • 4 hours is for starting an area that will be finished later or finishing an area that's already started. Very small projects can be done in 4 hours (bathrooms, laundry rooms, closets, small offices)
  • 6 hours is a full day. A lot will get accomplished. More decluttering and reorganizing is done with 6 hours. This is ideal for single rooms
  • 12 hours is suitable for multiple rooms and multifaceted projects.

Do I need to be home when you organize? 

  • The initial stage of organizing is the decluttering process. This is where we categorize each item, and you decide what to do with it (Keep, Donate, or Toss). During this time you will be coached on how to determine whether to keep or let go. You will be encouraged to keep items that add intrinsic value to how you live. You are vital to this part of the process. After this is complete, the organizer(s) will create organized systems throughout the room and you are free to go about your day. Before the session is over you will receive a walk-through of each area.

Can I pay by credit card?

  • Majority of clients pay by check or cash, but you can absolutely pay by credit card via Paypal for a 3% service fee.