Frequently Asked Questions

Are consultations in-person?

Consultations are first held via phone Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. If Feel Free Club is a good fit for you r needs, an assessment is scheduled. Learn more about our process for each service.

Can you work in my home or office without me?

Absolutely, although you are needed during Phase Two of our process. Learn more about our process for each service.

What is the decluttering process like?

Together, we will touch everything you own and decide what stays and what goes. You will be coached on how to determine your values, so it easier for you to make a decision.  Organizers assist with the physical work, while you do the mental and emotional work. This process is usually why you've sought out an organizer. Without help, organizing and decluttering can be extremely overwhelming on your energy and mind. Don't worry, we make it easier.

How long will this take?

This depends on how much organization needs to be done, how quickly you make decisions, and how many organizers are used. Specific goals and timelines will be made, but getting organized is a process. Each session will get you closer to an organized home you can maintain.

Will you throw out all my stuff?

Absolutely not. You alone, with coaching, will determine what stays and what goes. Some will be trashed, others will be donated, and the rest you will keep. Check out Donate with Purpose for a list of wonderful non-profits in the metro Atlanta area to donate to.

How much will this cost?

Depending on the scope of your project will determine your investment. Pricing can be found here.

I like diy projects. What are some things I can do myself?

We have a list of resources made just for you.

I'm a bit embarrassed of my space, should I tidy up before you get here?

Absolutely not. There's no reason to feel embarrassed. You will never feel judged. There are many demands placed on women today that are unrealistic and unmanageable on our own. Disorganization is not who you are. This is the result of habits, lifestyle, and society. With the right attention and dedication, your home can be ready for company any day of the week.

What time of the day is best?

You have the options of  9:30a 10a or 12p Monday - Friday (Saturdsys are avialable for moves on a case by case basis). All sessions are done in 4 or 6 hour intervals. 6 hour sessions must start by 10a. Most people are more energized and enthusiastic earlier in the day. If this is not you, afternoon sessions at 12p are available. 

Is this a one time thing, or will you have to come back month after month?

The idea is to get your environment to a manageable level that you can now maintain on your own moving forward. Being organized is something that must be maintained. Once your system is in place, it will be your responsibility to put things back, become more aware of what you allow in your home/office, and most importantly, declutter on a regular basis. For those who need more ongoing help, monthly, quarterly, or seasonal maintenance schedules can also be arranged. Book a consultation to get started.

What should I buy before you come?

Nothing. Suggestions of products will be made during Phase two.

How do I refer a friend?

Share our website with your friend or family member. It’s free and means they’re that much closer to getting organized. We greatly appreciate you sharing us with your network.