5 Ways to Bring More Love into Your Home and Life

Valentine’s Day. The day that singles look for a way to feel less single, and where couples look for a way to feel more in love. Regardless, the day is about highlighting love. It’s often related to the romantic kind of love, but truthfully there’s no difference in the love you have for your friends, family, your kids, or yourself. No one should feel anything less than an abundance of love on this very special day. If you surround yourself with those who love you and focus on what you love, you'll realize there's no lack in love when you pay attention.

One Valentine’s Day my sister and I took our mom out for dinner. Clearly we were all single at the time, but it that didn’t cross our minds that night. We tried Indian food for the first time, got each other roses, and spent all night laughing. I felt more love this Valentine’s Day than I had on previous occasions where I was in a relationship, but the love had faded. The fact is, no one has a lack of love in their life if they look in the right places. You can choose to shine light on what’s beautiful and feels good or you can stand in the shadows waiting for someone to shine the light on you.

In my business, it’s important for me to help my clients feel good about themselves and their surroundings. Yes we declutter and create a space that’s functional and aesthetically pleasing, but we also focus on the inner mental clutter that’s causing the disorganization. This is to build new habits and create a surrounding that’s refreshing.

In light of Valentine’s Day, here are

 5 Ways to Bring More Love into Your Home and Life:


Lighting is everything! You want light that welcomes your presence at the flick of a switch. Great lighting easily gives a room life. Try buying a new lamp or even better, a new lamp shade. Go for something that reveals more light, either a wider lampshade or a taller lamp. On a budget? No worries, experiment with moving your existing light in different areas of the room. You could easily be shining light in all the wrong places.



You have hundreds, probably thousands of unforgettable moments in your phone. Relive those feelings by putting those pictures in a visible place. The hallway, living room or bedroom or great examples.

First year as a mom has been filled with moments that I would love to relive..


Your favorite colors will always bring you good vibes. Centerpieces have an amazing way of giving a room personality. And what better personality than your own. Grab a sample paint and a couple of brushes from Home Depot and let your 5 year old self come out to play.

I've had this pot forever, and it's always looked out of place. Instead of getting rid of it, I painted it a soft lavender and placed it in front of the living room. This project was fun and a tad bit messy, but what's a good time without a little mess ;-)



Love books? Give yourself a reason to talk about the stories that have changed your life. Guests will be intrigued by your color coordinated bookshelf, then BAM you hit them with the most incredible book you’re reading. #winning


There’s nothing more pleasurable than cute, fun reminders. Take a trip to your local Target and grab a stationary set for you to write down affirmations, quotes, or to-do lists. The possibilities are endless.

Everything in this picture was under $3 from Target and Ross. Super cute and easy on the pockets.

There you have it. Easy, fun, affordable ways to add love into your home and your life. Incorporate more of what you love in every way you can so every day is another Valentine’s Day.

Feel Free,


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