Intention vs. Action: How to Automate Your Goals

I’m the kind of person who starts their day feeling like I can conquer the world. I’m 110% positive that nothing can stop me from being amazing and accomplishing everything my heart desires. As many times as I’ve started my morning renewed, excited, and full of the best intentions, there have been more days than not when something got in my way from having the day I wanted.

How come once it turns noon it feels like the day is nearly gone. If I didn’t know any better I would swear seconds double up at 12:01pm

How come once it turns noon it feels like the day is nearly gone. If I didn’t know any better I would swear seconds double up at 12:01pm

Reality Check: Does the Success You Want Match What You’re Doing?

A lot of us intend to do a lot of things with our lives. We intend to have a loving and fulfilling relationship. We intend to make a lot of money and buy our parents a home or car. We intend to travel the world and experience different cultures. We intend to buy an island, name it The Land of Melissa. Take everyone you love there to drink coconut water all day and do random nothingness. Intentions are cool to say. Point is, despite all of our intentions, our reality often doesn’t reflect what we dream of doing.

Create Actions to Equal What You Want

Truth is, intentions are cheap. They’re nothing but empty promises. There’s no commitment, no plan, no dedication. Intentions don’t have any weight on what you actually do. Your actions on the other hand makes all the difference.

If you took a second to think about what you did last year, you would understand why you are where you are today. In order to leap towards your long term goals, take the time to decide what actions are going to get you there. It’s easy to do a bunch of nothing to say you’re busy working towards something. If you haven’t determined which actions are going to get you where you need to be, how do you know what you’re doing is worth it? How do you know it’s not wasting your time?

Think about it like this, your daily action is the sum of your year. Whatever you want your year to look like, each day should resemble a portion of that.

Set Up a Weekly Routine to Automate Your Goals

Now that we’re both on the same page and you’ve come to the light, what now? So glad you asked. Turn your intentions into actions.

Here’s 5 Steps to Set Up Your Weekly Routine:

1.       Get clear about the goal you want to reach by 2017:

Get oh so very clear on what you want accomplished this year. What would make this year amazing? What would you like to say in 2016 #donethat

2.       List what you need to do to reach that goal: If you would like to get paid 5,000 per month as a speaker your list may look something like this:

  • develop 4 talks to memorize
  • find a speaking coach
  • practice speaking Monday through Friday
  • book free speaking engagements
  • register with a local toastmasters club
  • buy 3 books on how to make a living from speaking

3.       Decide which items you’ll focus on daily:

Out of your list, prioritize them by adding it to your calendar for every week for the rest of the month. Your future has to become just as important as your personal hygiene. Skipping a day of brushing your teeth or showering is out of the question (unless you didn’t leave the house then it’s only you that has to deal with it ) but 2 days is down right gross. You know it. I know it. And the rest of you are way too comfortable with your funk. Each day of the week should have a task assigned.

4.       Start SMALL:

Practice working on the action for only 15 min whichever day you assign it to. Creating a routine in the beginning is not about Go Big or Go Home. It’s about starting and discipline. In order to start, you can’t feel too intimidated. In order to build discipline, you must do it rain or shine, sleet or snow and everyone has 15 min in their day to spare.

5.       Ask Yourself WHO do you need to become to achieve these goals:

Make a list of the kind of person who is able of accomplishing these tasks. They’re probably motivated, disciplined, punctual, passionate, adaptable, willing to take chances.

Determine which qualities you have and which you need to develop. Remind yourself every day that you are the person you are trying to be, but you have to allow it to come out of you. That will take a lot of growth and that’s okay.

You may not like the way growth feels but you’ll like where it takes you.

You should know what you do every Monday through Sunday. Each day should be dedicated to getting you closer to the life you want so when it comes you’re prepared. A lot of people are intimidated by hard work. If you want to live a simple, easy, mundane, practical life then stop making goals all together. Don’t even bother. But if there’s a part of you that wants something a bit more interesting, more authentic, rich and freeing then hard work is in order. But just because it’s hard now doesn’t mean it always will be. You’re becoming more and more prepared for what is ahead. That right there ladies and gentlemen is the power of consistency.

Feel Free,


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