Top Things to Get Rid of This Spring

I can’t tell you how good it feels to wake up to bright beating sunlight. Sunshine makes you feel like possibilities are endless. It provides this energy that seems to be unattainable on your own.  As you get ready to embark this new season and stage in your life, (because let’s admit, every season brings about a new you) there are a few things to get rid of, so you can get ready for everything that’s coming your way.

Why is Spring Perfect for Change?

Why is Spring the perfect time to take inventory of what’s in your life & get rid of what no longer serves you? Spring is a transitional season. You’re moving from the winter slumps and hibernation into a phase of growth. It’s the epitome of renewal. It is the perfect time to sow new seeds for the changes you want. This is the time to feel refreshed and excited about what is come.

That’s why many people have yard sales, change addresses, and let go of cuffing season. They’re ready for change. In order for a plant to flourish it must rid itself from the dead pieces that are holding it back. If you’re ready to flourish here’s a few things to get you started:



Pessimism: When an astronaut is confronted with an obstacle they don’t spend a second further on the obstacle, only the solution. There’s always a solution to be found, but you must train your mind to find it. Pessimism stifles growth and renewal. Optimism allows you to see the silver lining in all things- good, bad, big, and small.

Thinking about your past: your past has already happened. There’s nothing you can do about what is already said and done. Living in the past distracts you from your present. Rid those thoughts of what did happen and focus on what is happening.


Sweaters you didn’t wear this winter (actually anything you didn’t wear this winter because you won’t wear it next winter either. Promise.)

Out-of-style boots: All of your boots are not timeless.

Bathing suits you haven’t worn in years: find a bathing suit you’re excited about wearing will make it that much easier to say yes to unplanned pool parties and vacays to the beach.



Useless paper: Tax season is a great time review, reflect and rid yourself of unnecessary paper in your home. **Need help organizing your papers? Head over to Feel Free TV for 2 minute tips to get organized. I’ll be posting one on paper clutter real soon ;-)**

Pens that don’t work: Nothing’s worse than going for a pen when you need it just to find it’s out of ink.

In Life

Unhealthy relationships: This should really be the #1 things you get rid of. The people in your life should uplift you, enhance you, make you feel grateful for their existence. That may mean a small circle or an unexpected group of people. Enhance the quality of the people you surround yourself with, enhance the life you live.

Old Hair styles: Try something new, something fresh. It’s one of the easiest ways to feel like a new person.


Unflattering or broken sunglasses: you’ll never get your favorite sunglasses fixed. Once they're broken just move on. Everyone has a glasses shape that’s ideal for their face. Discover yours.

Trash: Ketchup packets, straws, receipts, water bottles, get rid of it all. A trashy car says nothing about the car, only the owner.


Old nail polish: I can’t tell you how many times I tried to revive polish with a drop of nail remover. It works temporarily but in time you're back to unusable polish.

Old hair remover cream and razors: This is just dangerous.

Make-up brushes: don’t jeopardize your skin holding onto year old brushes.

Toothbrush: Bristles weaken with every brush. Make sure your teeth-brushing efforts are effective. Change your toothbrush every season.

Top Tip for getting rid of things in a hurry:

Are you now motivated to bring your best self forward this spring but don’t know how you’ll get it all done? My favorite trick is through music. Use a song like a timer. Throughout the duration of a song, go in each room with a garbage bag and get rid of as much as you can. It’s a great way to get started. More than likely you’ll keep going.

It’s time to blossom and there’s no doing that holding onto the past. No matter what’s tried to bury you this winter, acknowledge you’ve weathered the storm. Allow yourself to stand tall and strong, because it’s now time to shine.

Hello Spring!!

We’ve missed you.

IV and I looking for Spring like..

IV and I looking for Spring like..

Feel Free,


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