Can Being More Organized Give Me a Balanced Life?

The simple answer? YES. (Closes blog post, back to Facebook feed or Instagram feed or Snapchat feed- I love me some Snapchat @feelfreeclub.)

For those of you who want to learn how being more organized can give you a balanced life and identify the areas you're living low , continue reading...

Being organized does not give you the kind of balance you see in movies or these new age yoga enthusiasts having. The kind of balance I'm talking about is the kind that allows you to not be easily frustrated when something unexpected comes up. The kind where your child spills something and you don't get outraged by how their curious, tiny hands could cause such a mess. The kind that allows you to feel at ease while you simply do one thing, and not stress over a million others. That kind of balance is necessary in our ever changing lives. There's no room for frigidness or perfection. Life is messy, nerve wrecking, ever changing and tricky at times. It's about how you manage all life has to offer. And don't expect it to ever run out of offerings.


"What you have control over you feel better about."

When areas of your life are organized that means you have a handle on it. You control it. You have a good idea of how that area effects you. This practice allows you freedom. Continuously avoiding areas you fear are too overwhelming to address is doing more harm than good. Ultimately it will need to be acknowledged. You can either be forced due to life circumstances or done willingly with you in the driver's seat.

Being self-employed, I spend a lot of time at home. There were days I found myself doing  A WHOLE LOT of nothing. I would do things but none of which I needed to do. I had to make myself a weekly schedule detailing what I do each day between each hour. I'm flexible of course, but my schedule allows me to be. It creates way more structure in my day and that allows me to make time for family and friends, catch an event, or more importantly a nap. (This also made me realize I have a lot more time on my hands than I thought, and I wasn't  using it wisely.)

Being organized is about having a say on how you spend your time and the things that affect you on a regular basis. What areas in your life do you feel are out of control?

Out of frustration, I quickly scribbled this schedule one morning. Since then, I've digitized it :-)

Out of frustration, I quickly scribbled this schedule one morning. Since then, I've digitized it :-)

It's my mission ( is mission too much?) it's my hope to share tips and resources with you that will help you achieve the kind of life where overwhelm, high anxiety and stress is not your bestie. Where motherhood doesn't consume every waking moment of your time and energy. Because before we were mothers, we were women. Women with hopes, dreams and aspirations far beyond raising a family. This woman still exists and deserves to be nurtured. This new mother role also deserves to be developed. You can wing a lot of things when there's only you to worry about. But there's no winging lunch time for your toddler (unless your child loves squeeze pouches which is every mom's saving grace). Motherhood is surprisingly fun with episodes of disasters in between. Being organized allows you to enjoy the surprises and make it through the disasters that much better.



The first step to creating more balance is to determine what balance looks like for you and you alone.

How would you like to spend your time?

What kind of environment would you like to live in?

What would you like to say you've done this month, this year?

Asking yourself these questions will force you to acknowledge what is important to you and encourage you to seek it out. When an opportunity presents itself to increase balance in your your life, it will be difficult to pass it up. Explore how you're currently spending your time. Are you pleased with it? Look up. What do you like about your home? And your home is where you live, whether that's a house, an apartment, or a bedroom at your parents. Acknowledge what you like and what you would like to change, then do something about it. What would make this month great? Write it down. See how each week you can make that thing possible. As long as the things that are important to you are part of your life on a regular bases, unexpected occurrences sting less. Life has shifted to where your time, space, and accomplishments are aligned. Life is filled with the things that matter to you most. And that's beautiful balance.


I always jokingly mention how I will probably love IV more than the rest of my future children. Of course this is probably not true (probably) but it's hard to imagine loving something or someone else as much... until you do. 

Everything doesn't need the same amount of attention or time. My mother always says she loves my sister and I equally but differently. Determining which areas of your life needs organizing is crucial. There will be some areas that are more organized than others and that's because you interact differently with separate areas of your life. We all do. If you'd like to identify those areas and make alterations to managing it better check out "Organize Where You're Living Low"

We can't improve what we aren't aware of ;-).  I address how to organize many common areas people are living low on Feel Free TV. Subscribe now if you'd like some help along your journey to more balance. Until next time...

Feel Free,