Life Without Your Phone. Could You Do It?

We all love our phone. That’s clear. We all have things in our phone that are important or feel important in some way. Our phone connects us to everything in our lives, no matter how big or how small. We are connected to all of it.

I’m currently in the process of getting rid of unnecessary things, things that I have that I don’t need. I’d like to say I’m adopting a more minimalist lifestyle. One day, my phone wouldn’t turn on. I didn't panic. Using a landline, I called customer service. I had to wait two whole days to get a new phone. Until then, no phone. My first thought was,

“How do I go a day without my phone?”

Obviously, I knew I could go without it. It’s just a phone. I don’t need a phone to survive. There’s been a time, I vaguely remember it, but there’s been a time when I’ve been phone-less.

In actuality,  most of my life I’ve had a phone. Since high school I believe, and to think I was behind most of my friends. Naturally, my phone is a part of my life. What I didn’t realize, was how much of my life it took up.

How Much Do We Need Our Phones

How many times do you grab at your phone to do something? Take a wild guess. The average individual checks their phone over 100 times a day. I had to grab at my phone to do everything. Even to share a funny moment, I wanted my phone to be there. The first day was rough. I won’t lie. I had to use my computer to find directions, was totally unaware of my schedule because it was all in my phone, and then there was the social aspect. All the people I’ve come used to seeing every day, (Instagram followers, Facebook friends, Snapchatters) were gone, just like that. Within an instant I was in a world by myself and those I physically interacted with.

no phone challenge

The Result of No Phone

By the second day, I was glad it was gone. No distractions. No unnecessarily watching the lives of other people. No needing to know about what everyone was doing. Instead of being bored and going to my phone, I actually did things that I’ve been wanting to do. I had to. I HAD NO PHONE lol. I couldn’t just sit there. I found things to do. I could concentrate. I could be engaged whether I was by myself or around people.  I started to see the world around me again. It was refreshing and exhilarating.

The Role Phones Play

Once I got my phone back, it took four days for me to add a single app. I was nervous to get back into the rhythm of maintaining my online life, when it’s my real life that needs my attention most. For some reason, our phone seems to be more interesting than what’s going on around us. Leaving no room for the novelty that is meant to propel us in life from one day to the next. There’s no spare time to be content doing what you’re doing. Instead, we’re all seeking the next thrill, the next acknowledgment, the next hit. Our phones are like a drug now. Our dependency on it is real.

As a small business owner, it’s out of the question to not have an online presence, but it is in my control how I present myself and my business. To many, decreasing your online footprint sounds dumb especially for a brand. Yet, it's clear that the way we demonstrate who we are online is not sustainable long term nor is it rewarding for our life overall. When you look back over life will you really want to think about all the hours you spent on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Periscope?

“If you feel the need to go one way, even when everyone else is going the other way, do so, do so to make positive changes in your life and for this world. I guarantee you will never regret that decision”- Anonymous

Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. Go days without your phone. You’ll be shocked at how much you start to see again.


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Feel Free,