The Shortcut to Success: Time and Effort

I recently went to Atlanta’s 2017 Small Business Expo at the Cobb Galleria. It was the perfect timing for me because I’ve been wanting to connect with other service providers within the Atlanta community. There were a few things that made this opportunity attractive. One, the venue was enormous, so I knew they expected many business owners to come out. Two, it was an all-day event, so I could go when I wanted and leave when I was ready. Lastly, it was free.  As a small business owner being resourceful is key to growth and staying in business.

What I Found

I went not knowing what to expect. From the parking lot to the bathroom stalls, I met some incredible people who have taken their ideas and turned them into reality.  I was happy to be around the energy of it all.  Every person received a badge, identifying stickers, and then you were left to take it all in: booths, workshops, speed networking and more. I dropped in on one workshop focused on public speaking. It was informative, but of course there was a hook. By the end of the session they were asking you to sign your life away.

Get Rich Quick Scheme or Opportunity

I’ve been in this position before, and probably many of you have as well. Where you’re taking a chance to better yourself through education or an opportunity, just to find out that they want you to invest a large sum of money to take advantage of it.

I may be impulsive when trying something new or with the matters of the heart, but when it comes to money I like to do my due diligence. But in these scenarios they don’t want you to research.  They don’t want you to confer with a trusted advisor. They just want you to ACT.  Act based off emotions and not logic. We’re emotional beings and many of us act based on how we feel, not on what’s right or wrong but how our hearts tell us to respond. This often causes us to do things we regret. When it comes to financial regret, if you don’t have a savings- 66 million Americans do not – making an emotional financial decision can be detrimental to your current circumstance.

Who Are “They” Targeting

Call it get rich quick schemes or call it opportunity, many well intended and hopeful people fall for this lie: You can make a lot of money quickly and without much effort. I see people who desire to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones. Not only do you want to save others, you want someone to save you.  Save you from your struggles and the ups and downs required to be successful.  But here’s the thing, if you look at anyone you truly admire and learn their story, it took two very specific things to get where they are: time and effort- a lot of effort, aka hard work but many don’t like to hear that. There’s no escaping it. As much as we’ve sped up everything else- connections thru social media, dating thru aps, having anything delivered right to our door (now right to our living rooms). We can’t speed up fulfillment, satisfaction or success. Dues must be paid in full every single month.

The Takeaway

I know it’s tempting to believe you can make 6 figures in the matter of months or turn your life from rags to riches. It sounds like a fairytale and that’s where these stories shall stay- in books, in daydreams. But in reality, where you and I both live, you’ve got to put more than just a little skin in the game to have your deepest desires. Don’t let anyone tell you they can make you rich or successful without putting in the time or effort to show you. Don’t run from the time nor the effort. They’re both getting spent, whether it’s to your benefit is up to you.

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