What's the Point of Getting Organized?

I’m leaving a client’s house and before I could reach the car, she calls out,

“Melissa, what’s the point of all this?”

I say, “You tell me.” She is the one who called; she should know right?  

“Because I’m transforming!” She laughs, smiles, and waves good-bye.

 I don’t mean to get deep, I’m just telling you what happened.

Why Do People Get Organized?

benefits of getting organized

When people are ready to get organized there’s a transformation taking place. Something is shifting in that person’s life, and it’s usually them. Everyone I meet is going through something different:

Upgrading into a new home


More time on their career, less time on their personal life

New baby

Just married

Growing a business

No matter the scenario, they all have one thing in common: transformation. In the end, getting organized is the solution.

How Does Getting Organized Help in Transformations?

Getting organized is all about order. When life is turning upside down and unexpected situations are adding chaos to our usual mundane tasks, gaining order feels like a breath of fresh air. During transformations, we’re looking for a sense of relief. To not lose our cool or crumble under pressure, getting organized is exactly what the therapist would prescribe.

How does Getting Organized Benefit You?

There are numerous, if not hundreds, of reasons to how getting organized benefits our lives. Here's a few of my favorite since I’ve been adulting:

-Reduces Stress

(most important benefit in my opinion) Stress is the cause of many physical, emotional, and mental ailments. Although some stress is good for us, prolonged stress affects us in a negative way. It then impacts every area of our life- relationships, careers, self-esteem etc.

Here’s 41 Random Facts You Didn’t Know About Stress

-Better time management skills

-Able to manage the responsibilities and demands of life more effectively and gracefully

-Increased confidence in a clean and beautiful home,

not only to you but company as well.

-Peace of mind knowing where everything is,

and being able to tell others where to find it.

-Able to appreciate quality time with yourself and family,

because you’re not constantly cleaning up.

black family

-More money stays in your pocket,

because you’re not buying things you already have.

-Able to be more spontaneous and flexible.

-Increased positive image of yourself-

felt by you and others.

The benefits go on and on.

Back to the question at hand. What’s the point of getting organized? It’s about experiencing more beauty in the short life we have, at least that’s my answer.

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