Why New Mommies are so Sentimental

As IV’s 2nd birthday quickly approaches I can’t help but want to do something special. A big party for someone who doesn’t understand the concept of “Happy Birthday” seems silly. Having a party at all is kind of ridiculous. He can barely say Happy Birthday. Let me give him more credit. He can say it, but he doesn’t know what he’s saying! It’s just another day to him. He’ll wake me up at 7am just the same, eat his breakfast, watch Calliou, beg to play on the computer with me, fuss about napping, nothing would've changed in his eyes. So why celebrate a toddler’s birthday?

It may be just another day for him, but for me it’s a moment to reminisce on these past two years. I get to appreciate how much he’s grown. I may still be changing diapers, but we’re a long way away from sleepless nights from feedings every 4 hours. Today the village gets to share all the special moments we’ve had since he’s come into our world. It’s a moment to count the numerous blessings that creating a life brings. It’s a moment to be sentimental. And new moms never miss a sentimental moment.

Mamarazzi at it's finest. I did IV's entire newborn photo shoot 

Mamarazzi at it's finest. I did IV's entire newborn photo shoot 

Being a mom, especially a new one, we’re always looking for ways to capture these fleeting occurrences.  Before they arrive we are capturing their essence with 3D photos and maternity shoots. We preserve their first outfit from the hospital and every outfit after that, scrapbook every new milestone, and have become mamarazzis for our little ones. They are the light of our lives and God forbid we let them forget it.

But how much is too much? I can’t help but wonder will IV read the journal I wrote in everyday during my pregnancy? Will he cherish the scrapbook I create that entails everything from stories of the first hospital scare, to an actual leaf we found walking during the beginning of Fall? He may find these things sweet, but will he care?


As I organize the homes of many who struggle to let go of things, I can’t help but be understanding. These so-called things represent feelings, some beautiful, some awful, but they are dear to us. But they are only dear because of what or who they are connected to. That’s where the true bond lies, in the relationship, in the experience, not in the thing itself. If I were to toss the journal, the scrapbook, and the gently worn newborn onesie, would my son feel less loved? Would my love be diminished? Will our bond be any less magical?

It's pretty clear what the answer is. As I sift through these pictures for a diy project for his party this weekend,  I’m reminded that it’s just another day. It’s another beautiful day that I get to love my son. And that alone makes today sentimental and every day after that.

Happy Birthday Boobie.


A Sentimental Mom

2 year old party decorations

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