Are You Creating a Life or Making a Living

Everyone in life wants two things: to be loved and to be successful. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you’ve been through, these two desires are universal. Everyone has aspirations for a life beyond their current reality. When I first started pursuing entrepreneurship it was about the amount of money I could make doing something I love. Over time I’ve realized, it’s not only about making a living, it’s about creating a life.

Creating a life that makes room for what’s important  to you. Developing systems that support you financially, mentally and creatively.

Some people desire the fame and national acknowledgement. I would rather be like an author. The people who care about what I have to offer know me well, but the general public couldn’t spot me in Publix. I want to go to PTA meetings and date night. I want to work Monday through Thursday and be done by 2pm. I want to empower others to find their own way to create freedom in their lives.

After I determined what I wanted and how I wanted to get it, I had to make sure I merged the two from the start.

It’s much more difficult to restructure the foundation when it’s already built. It’s better to have an idea of the core things you want out of life and build everything else around that.

What does your foundation look like?

Are the things you’re doing today helping you create the life you want or only the money you’d like to make?

Here are 4 Ways to Start Creating A Life You Actually Want

1. Determine your values: Once you determine the main areas of your life that are most important, you can then know where to put your energy. When we are able to make a statement with true conviction, true power, we can easily act on it. The mind loves congruency. When what you do is aligned with how you feel and what you believe, it’s much easier to get it done.

2. Be Aware of Life’s Distractions: It’s so easy to get distracted by our everyday responsibilities, multiple interests, and the many different relationships we’re  involved in. When creating a living, what you value should be at the forefront each day. When you remind yourself of what you value at this point in your life, it can flourish. The overall peace and satisfaction from being aligned with your core values will allow you to be your best self in other areas. Never undermine the power of what you truly want by getting easily distracted.

3.  Be Patient With Time: When you’re making a living time is not your friend. You’re in this hustle mode. A word that has been beloved by every person trying to achieve great success. Hustling can have a way of displaying desperation.  The eagerness to be successful can force you to make decisions that aren’t necessarily good for your business but will bring money into your pocket fast. Your back is against the wall and you’re doing whatever is needed to survive. When you’re creating a living, you’re nurturing your craft, you’re trying new things, and your growing. There is no shortcut to mastering your craft, only patience and diligence.

4. What You Do Should Reflect Who You Are

So many of us have been forced to take jobs that do not reflect any aspect of our personality or what we care about. At the end of the day you’re left feeling frustrated,  drained, dissatisfied, and confused about what you’re doing, how you got there, and how to get the hell out. When you’re creating a living the very aspects of life that you care about are intertwined with what you do. The parts of you that bring you to life is how you get your job done each day. What you do adds to your lifestyle and does not take away from it.

Are you creating a life or simply making a living?

Feel Free,


P.S. I'd love to know how you're creating your life. Comment below :-)