What Can Happen in a Year

If someone would have told me a year ago I would still be working for my meaningless corporate job, living with my boyfriend, and about to start a family, I simply would have laughed in their face. A year ago I was planning my exit strategy out of a job I can’t stand and into a fulfilling coaching career. A year ago I was going to parties nearly every weekend and refused to stay at home. A year ago I was going on multiple dates and enjoying every ounce of my sexy single lifestyle. A year ago I was living with my parents saving leftover shopping money to buy a house. A year ago I was not the person I see in the mirror today.

A lot of unexpected situations can happen within a year. As time progresses we don’t even realize how much things simply are not the same. It is not until you sit back and look at what you have been through, where you have gone, and how you have grown that you can see a clear picture of who you are today. Life is for the living and yet we can become so afraid to live it fully. We desperately try to stay the same. We force ourselves not to venture too far from home. We would rather stay who we are, just better looking, with a sexier car, a finer mate, and a cooler job.

What sounds so obvious, but often forgotten, is for the exterior circumstances to change it has to start with inner change. The big changes and opportunities we desire cannot come before we make grand changes within. The changes within are the most difficult. They are usually unexpected or less desirable than we would like. It is challenging, yes, but mostly it is downright uncomfortable.

Reprogramming yourself will encounter many errors before it is successful.

One year Collage

5 months ago I was diagnosed with Pregnancy. I mean, 5 months ago I found out I was pregnant, but if you were to see me then you would have thought I was actually diagnosed with a disease. I was so afraid of what this meant for my life and my future. I couldn’t see three or six months down the line. All I could see was who I was prior to that moment- a young, ambitious, single female with nothing but opportunities in front of me.

I look back now and I’m grateful for what has happened to me this year. To be honest I am amazed at the person I see today because this version of me did not exist months ago. If you’re lucky, a lot of crazy things happened to you this year and brought you to this very moment. Those moments prepared you for opportunities that are coming your way. This is the time to look back on all the fortunate, unexpected, unplanned, exciting, pleasurable, upsetting moments and smile. Smile because you’re still living, you’re still growing, you’re still discovering what is true for you.

The next big opportunity is right around the corner. 2015 is filled with could be’s and will be’s. There is not one goal out there you can’t reach. There is not one obstacle you can’t tackle. There is not one opportunity you can’t take advantage of. Be ready for change.

Be open to the unknown because it will surely come.