Can You Start A Business Working Full time?

Many people are under the impression that the only way they can start a business is to quit their job, use all their savings, and take the biggest risk of their life on what they’re passionate about. Although this approach has worked for a few , they are the exceptions, the outliers. Many people are apprehensive about taking this route. There’s way too much risk involved and no guarantee that you’ll get what you’re seeking. (But if you’ve been on this Earth long enough you know by now nothing is guaranteed.) So since you can’t quit your job and dedicate all your waking hours to building a business of your own, you can’t do it at all right?


There are multiple avenues to building a business, and a business takes time to develop. But more importantly, you need time to develop. Just like when you ask your boyfriend to put dirty dishes in the sink when he's done and the next morning you find a dirty cup on the counter, change doesn't happen overnight, neither will your business. Having a full time job while building a business is tough, but it’s not because you have a full time job. It'sounds because starting a business is HARD. Let me take that back.

Starting a business is challenging.

There are so many different things to grasp. What’s even worse is it’s hard to know where to start. Even when you finally get the guts to start, it’s hard to know if you’re on the right track. On top of all this, you’re working a job you can't stand and finding the time and energy to work on building a business is a challenge.

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While all these things remain true, there are millions of people who’ve done it, so there’s the answer to your question:

Yes you can start a business working full time.

Now that’s out the way, there are some key things to keep in mind:

1. If you want to start a business working full time you must dedicate time daily to growing your business.

If it’s 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or an 1 hour, set an alarm, start your timer and focus on nothing but your business for that allotted time. This is going to keep you consistent and motivated. Consistency produces progress and action produces motivation. Stay consistent in order to stay motivated.

2. If you want to start a business working full time, Get A Mentor.

Find someone that’s doing what you’d like to do and pick their brain, donate your time, allow them to take you under their wing. They have done everything you’re trying to do. What better way to learn things you don’t know other than from someone who does? Quick note: They are being super ultra mega generous in giving you knowledge they’ve learned from trail and error. Show your gratitude by taking the lead on this mentoring partnership (schedule the time and place, create questions and always make it convenient for your mentor)

3. If you want to start a business working full time, you must Be Patient.

Time goes by so fast. Am I the only one who can remember being 6 years old playing with her Barbies and riding bikes outside? That was yesterday. I’m a whole grown-up now. The time will pass regardless. It won’t go by any slower or faster just because you’ve decided to build a business now. Stay the course and in due time your vision will materialize.

And that leads me to #4

4. If you want to start a business working full time, Write out your vision.

Describe what you will be doing once you’ve reached where you want to be. Revisit this vision weekly or whenever you feel like quitting (because you will). This will remind you of what you can have if you only keep going. Truth is, your vision is already yours. The moment you decided what you wanted, that became your fate. Now it’s waiting for you to come get it.

5. If you want to start a business working full time, Do Not Feel Crazy for Wanting to Start a Business.

Just because you’re working (probably in a field unrelated to what you’re passionate about) and want to start a business, doesn’t mean you’re crazy. It means you have aspirations for yourself. It means you have a greater life in store for you and those you love. It means you’ve worked a 9 to 5 and realized you not bout that life. Please, embrace this simple fact about yourself because fighting it will only haunt you.

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Yes you can start a business working full time but it takes consistency, guidance, patience, motivation, and never fighting who you really are and what you truly want. You have big goals and aspirations for your life, but just like you can’t meet someone today, marry them tomorrow, and expect to have an amazing marriage for the next 50 years. You can’t think about starting a business today and have an amazing business tomorrow. Get to know your business. Learn what makes it tick. Allow your business time to grow and make mistakes, because that’s the only way the two of you will learn to live as one.

***What are you tossing and turning about at night? What are you wanting to do but feel like your 9 to 5 is stopping you? Let me know in the comments below 😉 ***

Feel Free,