You Can't Pay Someone to do Your Push-ups for You

push-upI remember as a cheerleader I badly wanted to learn how to do a back-flip. A standing backhand-spring had to be one of the coolest moves done by a cheerleader. I watched girl after girl land their gorgeous flip. I tried to absorb their technique and replicate the next move in my head, but I never physically did it. Although they were on my team and made all of us look good as a whole, I personally couldn’t be proud because I couldn’t do one myself. As they put in the work, practiced, took tumbling classes, I watched, admired, and fantasized others for doing what I was too scared to do myself. Some things in our lives can be achieved with the assistance of others. You want your house cleaned? No problem, pay a cleaning service. You want a haircut? Easy, pay a stylist. But there are other achievements, more permanent, that cannot be accomplished by an outside party. If you want to learn a new skill, you cannot pay anyone to learn it for you. If you want a healthier physique, you cannot pay anyone to eat fruits and vegetables for you. If you want a better relationship, you cannot pay anyone to be more considerate, passionate, understanding or patient. If you want to work in a field you love, you cannot pay anyone to do the leg work for you.

The most important things we acquire in this world must be obtained through personal will and effort. That self-satisfaction is what takes us to our next success, next goal, next opportunity. No one else can want it for you or do it for you.

No one lucks up on success.

The blood, sweat, diligence, research, planning, consistency (THE WORK) MUST COME FROM YOU.

It is funny how people hire a fitness trainer and believe their unhealthy days are behind them. They are convinced that hiring a physical trainer is all that is required to obtain the health and body they desire. A fitness trainer (or trainer of any kind) provides the tools, information and accountability that is needed to acquire one’s goal. But it is YOU who chooses when and how to use them.

I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent learning about human psychology or how many self-building skills I’ve taught working in community counseling. What I’ve come to realize is it does not matter how much information a person absorbs. What matters is the application of the information. What matters is the new actions made as a result of new insights.

Action is the part of success and achievement you cannot pay anyone to do. It is the piece to the puzzle that completes the picture. What good would money be if you weren’t able to buy anything with it.

As we all enter 2015, take time to think about all the knowledge you’ve acquired though your struggles, your successes, your bad and your good days. How do you plan to cash your knowledge in?

Feel Free.