Do Something You've Never Done

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I’ve always thought of myself as a daring person. Ask me to try it and I will. Ask me to do it and I’m down. I believe that when it comes to most things, you should try it at least once. ‘If it’s not going to kill me, then why not’ is my motto. My curiosity peaks when something is presented to me that I have yet to experience. Unitl I realized everything is damn near new as an entrepreneur.

At the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, there is one rule you must stick by no matter what (if you ever plan on being successful that is):


And I mean everything, especially the things you’re not ready for. And you know that you’re not ready for it because you’ve never done it, but you have all the intentions of doing it in the future. The only way to become great in the future (because we're all striving fro greatness) is to start practicing in the present. You won’t be perfect. You may not even be good, but that’s okay. After you do something you’ve never done, you’ll be better the next time around. You will know how to prepare. You will understand your weak points. You will be clear on the outcome you want.


When you do something you’ve never done it isn’t easy. Most of the necessary things in life aren’t. Even though there will be a lot of doubt and hesitation, you must do it anyway. Because it’s in the challenge that makes you better.

I recently hosted a call for the first time. I figured it would be like public speaking. I’ve spoken in front of crowds numerous times. I was a speech major for goodness sakes. Talking to 20 or so people that I can’t see from the comfort of my couch should be a piece of cake. Don’t you know, two days before the call I started thinking about ways not to do the call. Although, I knew without a shadow of a doubt I would do the call, the part of me that wants to grow professionally, that’s aspiring to be something more, that knows this is only the beginning of greater things to come, would not let me back out. But the part of me that was nervous, that wants to stay small because I’m good at small, the part that feels like an amateur, did not want to do the call.

The day of the call came. I let my fear take the back seat, and I spoke for nearly two hours on organization. Did I stumble, yes. Did I lose my train of thought, a few times. But I also received a lot of great feedback, and I truly had a good time. I learned that I would absolutely do it again.

Doing something you’ve never done before will bring out the parts of you that you are aiming to be. But don’t think for a second that the fearful version of you won’t make it’s debut. Know that she is always coming for the ride, because she is trying to protect you from shame, embarrassment, defeat, and failure. She doesn’t know this, but she is also protecting you from happiness, fulfillment, purpose, and adventure. Acknowledge her but never allow her to make decisions when it comes to pursuing your goals. Her defense is strong, and she’ll win every time if you don't kick your offence up a notch.

When It Comes to Doing Something You’ve Never Done Before I learned this:
  1. Do It the Way You Would with Your Best friend- With good friends your personality shines the greatest. You’re at ease and full of confidence.
  2. Always Put Your Best Foot Forward- Prepare as if you were at the top of your career and getting paid top dollar for it. Get in the habit of putting in the work to perform your best. Your best is your personal best. Only compare yourself to you and self.
  3. If You Mess Up Just Keep Going-It’s all about how you finish, people barely remember the beginning and can never recall the middle. Always finish strong.
  4. It’s Only a Big Deal at That Very Moment- Once it’s over it’s now a thing of the past. Meaning, you’re on your way to the next new thing.
  5. If you’re scared, DO IT ANYWAY- PERIOD


Feel Free,