Do You Have What It Takes?

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? This is a real question we all must square-up in the mirror and ask ourselves, “Do I have what it takes?” The qualities, the skills, the insight, the determination, the unshakable will, the mindset, the confidence, the energy, the time, the commitment, is it all there? Is it all inside ready to be used each day as you move forward towards your hopes and dreams for a better you, a better life. Or is it all just a hoax waiting to reveal itself?

No one can answer this question but the person within. But l ooking within is hard, harder than it should be at times of uncertainty. Looking within takes more vulnerability than you can afford. It exposes parts of you that you aren’t ready to discuss, parts you would rather not deal with. Yet, it’s in these moments we find what we are capable of. We find the depth of our desire, the strength behind the pain, and the confidence beneath our worries. It’s in these times where we find the truth.15 wks

Something happened to me a little over three months ago that really threw my life off course. I got pregnant. This pregnancy wasn’t planned and there were “systems” in place to avoid such a surprise. But as we all know, nothing is 100% other than abstinence. Soooo low and behold I am now on track to motherhood. During these three months, I struggled with my journey as an entrepreneur. I questioned the life I wanted and whether or not I could have it. I debated whether or not I even had the capabilities to achieve my goals. I questioned whether I have what it takes. From this moment on, my life is going to be different than I planned. I had to address a few things about myself: this pity party I threw myself every day just for the heck of it, the mental cage I was held hostage in each time I thought about working towards my goals. I had to address some practical issues as well. For instance, I can no longer sleep late. I must start my day early with a nutritious breakfast or I’ll feel horrible the rest of the day. I must do everything in my power to stay stress-free and peaceful or I’ll end up with migraines that prohibits me from moving. These are issues I’ve had before but now my body has a unique way of reminding me.

I had to realize that through this challenge I am getting better, stronger. We all do, once we decide to grow through our challenges instead of avoid them. Unexpected challenges and obstacles may appear to derail you but with a closer look it’s there to develop you, enhance you, and simply determine If You Have What It Takes.