Don't chase money. Learn to let money follow you.

Stop staring start doingSometimes we have to let go of making money right now in order to see the value in an opportunity. We want so badly to either make extra money, leave a job, stop being dependent on someone, or buy something nice, that it is easy to get desperate for the dollar. It’s easy to only see where the money is now, instead of realizing the value of doing something that isn’t producing value in dollar signs. The problem with chasing money is once you start you will always be chasing, no matter how much you make. But what if you came to the point where money follows you. Everything you touch money flows in that direction. All because your name, your status, your abilities, what you represent, and what you have achieved will speak for itself. People won’t think twice on whether or not to invest in what you’re doing. People will want to be part of it.

In order to get to this status, finding the value in the present is a key part of the process. Just because you’re not making the money you want to RIGHT NOW does not mean you aren't gaining any value. There are connections to be made, skills to learn, talents to master, habits to form.  Your reputation must be built. Your stamina must be tested. Your strength must be weighed. There is meaning in who and where you are today that will set you up for the successful days ahead. Unfortunately, you cannot jump 10 spaces to get there.

So many people lose sight of the journey to their dreams because they’re busy staring at someone else who’s “making it.” Stop staring and start doing.  Being successful comes from progress. As long as you’re making progress, YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.


There is absolutely nothing sweeter than the beginning. Working for pennies is difficult, especially when you know you are capable of more. Working long hours early in the day or late in the evening absolutely sucks especially when you’re sleep deprived. But the truth is, long hours don’t stop once you’re successful. Sleep deprivation won’t cease once you make a certain amount of money. Your present situation is building the person for tomorrow. Accept that, embrace that and feel the challenges of today turn into treasures.

Feel free.