Don't Try to Attract Everyone

Don’t worry about attracting everyone. Everyone isn’t meant to get and understand you. Everyone is not in the place to see your greatness. Don’t get flustered when someone overlooks you. Don’t be bothered when you meet someone who can’t see how magnificent you truly are. Don’t worry about the times you’ve put yourself out there and didn’t get all the attention you were hoping for. It’s less about the number of people who are aware of you and more about the quality of people drawn to you.  Those who recognize the greatness in you will understand you each time. You won’t have to beg for time, scream to be heard, bribe to be acknowledged by someone who has interest in you, because they will be paying attention. It is understandable to desire being liked and seen by everyone. Why shouldn’t everyone see how awesome you are? Why shouldn’t you make it known? Thinking this way allows energy to exert itself in vain--- towards people and situations that won’t return the matched effort. Instead, allow yourself to embrace what easily attracts to you no matter the quantity. Whether you’re growing a business, putting out your music, or simply expressing yourself, feel good about whomever you reached and gravitated towards you. Let your light shine and allow your rays to warm the heart of those patiently waiting in the shade.