Every situation can be a miracle or a disater

miracle or disasterIt’s not until you accept a situation you are able to deal with it. The things we resist will find its way to haunt our souls through every doorway, with every word we speak, in every thought we think, and in each opportunity we face. Resisting our reality does nothing but delay the inevitable and suspends us in a state of denial. There’s an enormous amount of power in how we perceive a situation. Any and every situation can be a miracle or a disaster. The choice is simply ours to decide. There was a serious change in my life recently that I refused to fully deal with. I was walking around making side comments about it, acting as if I was just given a death sentence, pretending as if this challenge was something I would never overcome.  Although this change had been part of my life for the past three months, it was clear with my attitude, my actions, and my thoughts had not accepted this new truth. As a good friend of mine says, “You must embrace the suckiness.” It is easier said than done, but no less true. I had to allow myself to fully embrace all of it, the good and bad. Allow it in my heart and begin to feel again.

We have to remember we aren’t the first ones to go through such obstacles, and we won’t be the last. There’s no reason to lose yourself within change. Instead reinvent yourself. Redefine what is important to you. Learn new ways to do and see things. It’s up to each of us to make that choice for ourselves. The longer you grapple with the what-ifs, the longer you delay feelings of success, moments of fulfillment and satisfaction. In the bleakest of days, these moments can still be found. We live the reality of where our mind takes us. It is no gimmick or illusion, it is simply responding to our requests. Ask to see the brighter side of things and your mind will follow.