Follow Your Instinct

When you start to listen to what’s true for you making decisions become easier. I have the tendency to ponder over thoughts, ideas, and possibilities way longer than I need to. It seems as if thinking through a decision multiple times will alleviate all the possible wrong ones and leave you with the shiny gold coin- the perfect choice. Should I go out with my friends Friday or should I just stay home? Should I take this job or finally start my business? Do I give him another chance or make way for someone exciting and new? We make decisions constantly, every day, nearly every minute. The average person makes around 600 decisions per day. Some are involuntary- your brain quickly decides then you follow through and others are voluntary. These are the ones that we can think about for hours, days even. Overall, we are trying to determine the amount of value and risk in each decision. So how do we decide on the “correct answer”? Sometimes we get weary of all the back and forth and eventually just choose. Other times we involve friends or family members to give us some insight. As I sit down and think of all the times I have made good, healthy decisions in my life, I followed my instinct. Don’t you remember back in high school when the teacher would go over the correct answers from the pop quiz and how frustrated you would be when you second guessed yourself and chose the wrong answer. What would you say? “I knew it!” What does that statement mean? Something within you told you the right answer, but you could not remember how you knew the answer or why you were choosing the answer. But after thinking and trying to use your photographic memory from 2 wks ago you chose something else. But yet, you already knew the answer all along. There is a reason we were born with instincts. It is our compass, our guide to fulfilling our purpose in the truest form. It is our navigational system but people find it difficult to follow. Since there’s no hardcore evidence to support it, we question it, doubt it and instead follow what has been done before and what we see around us. As I listen to myself more, I find it is much easier to make decisions. I’m not stressing over pleasing others, deadlines, or perceived perceptions. I am listening within. But in order to do this you must take time to get to know yourself. How can you listen and follow someone you don’t quite know or understand? You have all the answers, just trust what's within.