Habit Tracking: the Perfect Motivator for Personal Change

Recently a book changed my life. Maybe not changed my life but changed how I see my life. “Change your perspective and everything changes,” they say.  I have five more days until the library takes Better than Before back, so I’ve been frantically reading it day and night. The book is about recognizing your habits, building the good ones, while eliminating the bad ones. I always thought that anyone could build habits as long as they schedule it and take action for 30 days than whalah, new habit in place. But it’s not that easy is it. Most of the habits I’ve built have been out of necessity or stem from when I was younger. I’ve always been reading a book since the moment I could read and still do to this day, good habit. I always need dessert after every meal and can spend hours inspecting every pore on my face after a shower, bad habit.

As I’ve gotten older and taken on new roles (mother, business owner) decreasing my bad habits have been easy, but building new ones have got the best of me. With every new skill or accomplishment, making it a part of your daily routine is the best way to master it. Yet, it doesn’t matter what I do, new habits won’t stick. No matter how motivated I am or how much I know it will be good for me, my old habits always win. That’s before I realized that we all establish habits differently and understanding yourself makes all the difference.

Better Than Before

Better than Before, dives into how we are all hard wired by our tendencies. The four tendencies are: Upholder, Obligor, Questioner, and Rebel. Majority of people fit into the Obligor or Questioner tendency. I’m a Questioner all the way. I need to understand the reason for doing things and believe it to be for the greater good AND valid in order to follow thru. To find out which tendency rules you take the quiz (it’s pretty enlightening). This realization shed light on the fact that I’m a closer and more motivated by inner expectations than outer ones. A habit tracking chart seemed like the perfect solution to tackle my struggles.

habit tracker

It’s simple, low maintenance, and feeds that little person inside me that lights up when something gets done. More importantly, it allows me to track my habits. If there’s no measuring involved, assumption, intention and memory is all that’s left. Unfortunately, those things will always lean towards your favor even if it’s not true. The facts are allow you to know if change has really come.

I’m amped to see how the tracker helps improve my habits. I’m not looking for perfection. We all know none of that exists, but improvement is bliss. If you’re anything like me and tired of being stagnant, doing something different is the key. Take the quiz or dive into the book, either way, find what’s going to help you make lasting change. Will post an update soon on the results 😉.

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