Declutter the Mind | Home Healing series | Week one

During each week of the Home Healing series I share my personal experience with the topic on the blog.

Declutter the mind hang-ups

My biggest hang up with maintaining a clear mind is getting to bed on time to get my 7-8 hours of sleep.
I love making irresponsible decisions:
Engaging with people way past my bedtime.
Posting on social media past 9p.  I found Linked In’s “professional-social network app” got lost in that.
Didn’t change the mood at home when it was time to transition to bed. [Changing the atmosphere is a good way to signal the brain of what’s to come.]

What I’m consistent about
Brain dumping
Being in silence
Spending time alone
Spending time in the flow
Rubber band exercise [currently pretty new, but from the day I found out about it I’ve been hooked]

Ways I Attempt to Improve
Dim lights and light candles at 9p [what I hate the most about this is it makes me feel like I’m getting old. I’ve been going to bed at 2a since childhood. Mama’s got a bedtime now and doesn’t like it.]

What helps me most

What I tell myself about myself and journaling.
I heal a lot through journaling. I often don’t know how I feel until I write it all out. When I look back at my thoughts, I often laugh. Things can be so trivial but appear paramount in the present. Choosing our perspective is a gift.

I am getting faster at shutting the critic down. We [me and the critic] would have arguments that lasted days sometimes weeks. Choosing to entertain the unfortunate, the negative, the lowest of thoughts. As I unlearn and retrain my way of seeing the world and myself in it, I’m getting better at asking why I’m seeing an experience in one way over another. This insight helps me stay clear on what’s true and what matters.

Am I the only one out here obsessed with using the hell out of my brain or are you in this camp too? In no way do I expect to be a robot in control of my mind at all times, however I am aware many of us are on autopilot. Living a reactionary existence instead of one with intention which ends up working to our demise.
How do you clear your mind?
What’s something new you’ve tried?
Drop a resource or some insight below.

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