How to Find Freedom in a Job You Hate

Labor Day is not meant to be laborious. I gladly took a day off from anything productive.
Labor Day is not meant to be laborious. I gladly took a day off from anything productive.

How are you supposed to feel free when every morning you walk into work it feels like you've stepped into a cage? How do you gain peace of mind when your manager is down your throat, and the very thought of work makes you anxious? There are days that your job feels like a punishment.

You ask yourself: How did I end up here? What did I do to deserve this? How will I make it out of here? Here's the thing,

you cannot look at your job like a punishment.

Just because your position is less than ideal or looks nothing like your dream job, doesn't mean it sucks. There is opportunity within every challenge.

It is possible to find freedom within a job you hate.

1st thing: See your position as a door you must go through to get to the door you really want. Once you open the door, take a look inside and take advantage of all there is to offer. Then is when the next door will appear.

2nd thing: Do something for yourself first. No one is going to care about you and your dreams more than you do. I get this philosophy from my financial practices. Finances 101: Pay Yourself First. No matter the amount of your check, transfer money into your savings before you pay a single bill. You're paying into your future dreams, your future success, your future happiness. If you take care of your needs before anyone else's, you're able to perform a lot better without the feelings of guilt or regret. You can start your day feeling good about accomplishing something real for yourself.

3rd thing: Ask yourself, what opportunity is in front of me that I'm not taking advantage of? How can you get the most out of your job? Does your company offer free certifications or trainings that will add to your skill set? Do they have networking functions where you can expand your business relationships? Can you develop you punctuality, attitude, social demeanor, public speaking, or typing skills?

There is always room for your personal growth wherever you are.

Stop looking at the job as only a paycheck. Stop acting as if the company owes you something for being there each day. Guess what, all they owe you is the amount you agreed to receive every 2 weeks. Nothing more and nothing less, but that doesn't mean you can't gain much more if you're open to it. Remember take advantage of ALL there is to offer, once you do, that next door will appear.

4th thing: Practice making friends. This is the first day of high school all over again. A few faces you may recognize from college or past jobs, but majority of the people are brand spanking new. Just like you, these people don't want to stay here the rest of their careers. This is a stepping stone to their dreams and goals. And when they are ready to open their new door, they will want to take someone along with them. I can't tell you the amount of opportunities I've gained from relationships cultivated in the midst of the moment. I received a paid internship at Emory University that I was no where near qualified for (on paper) from making friends with one of the guests I served while working at a dessert bar. I hardly ever made good money there, but I didn't leave empty handed. On top of the handy baking skills, I left that job with friendships from various backgrounds and an internship I would've never gotten without the recommendation of a guest.

5th thing: Know that you're doing something meaningful for someone else. The garbage man isn't saving world hunger, but he sure is making life a lot better for a lot of people. A job does not have to be filled with soul gushing meaning in order to be important. What you do does matter a whole lot to someone. Don't overlook this. This gives your position purpose. This gives you power. Don't take advantage of it and don't minimize it.

Lastly (This is really the most important): Do Your Best This is more vital than anything else. When you do your personal best you feel proud of yourself. You don't need the accolades or the acknowledgements, because you know you've given all you got. And more than likely this will get noticed. Each day,

have the best day you can have by being your best version of you.

Why does the cage bird sing? Not because she is asked or expected to but because she is free. She is free to be all she was meant to be. No cage can contain her greatness or her bliss. She will relentlessly shine while others stare and wish. Feel Free, Mel