How To Take the Pressure Off When Trying Something New

Fear has a funny way of stopping you from attempting something new.Fear can make you feel inadequate, disorganized, and silly. There's no need to attempt something new for fear to creep up. All that's needed is a thought. A thought about:

taking a risk or making a change.

And that's when fear arrives, waiting for you, ready to help you unthink that thought.

It's a real challenge getting past something that's literally invisible but feels so real. Real enough to stop you from adding much needed novelty to your life.

I recently wanted to do something new - something I've never tried before, but have wanted to do for some time now. I will admit, I was nervous to take the first step. The pressure from the outcome of this "new thing" was weighing on me. As if I was about to save millions of little puppies with what I wanted to do.

It's ridiculous the amount of pressure we take on unnecessarily when expressing ourselves creatively.

I wanted to eradicate this pressure, and that's when I had a thought: Why not give new creative outlets a name. A name that doesn't make me nervous or hesitate to start. And there it was. A seven letter word that couldn't intimidate me if it tried. (Unless I put the word Group in front of it, then it would piss me off.)


Everyone loves projects don't they? Projects don't have to save the world, make tons of money, or be life changing. No one questions why you're doing a project or how long it's going to take.

It's nerve wrecking telling others your hopes and dreams (as if dreams aren't meant to be farfetched). Nonetheless, we still hesitate to share our deepest desires with others in fear that they may sound outlandish or insignificant . Sometimes we hesitate to admit our deepest wants with ourselves. Once we acknowledge our wants we must either go after it or allow it to eat us alive.

I used to put my serious face on when I got ready to work on my goals or talk about them. I assumed for others to take my goals seriously, I must take them seriously, so I must look serious when it comes to my goals. Sounds downright silly.

There's been a message ingrained within us that goals are serious business, there's no room for mistakes and God forbid you take your time.

I'm realizing that approach feels all wrong. I learning to just DO instead of FEEL my way through every scenario in fear I could make a wrong turn.

When you're having fun and doing something you love, do you sit down and size-up what you're doing? Do you explain why this is bringing you joy? Do you plan each moment out? Absolutely not. A singer sings without realizing what she's singing about. A writer writes what he feels. An artist paints what brings her inspiration. In order to release our creativity we must be relaxed, anxiety free, and full of passion. Don't allow fear or pressure to stop you before you dare to begin.

Leave that serious face for when the student loan companies call your phone. Let that fun, creative, and adventurous side into the limelight when working on your craft. For it's only just a project.

                                                       ***What new projects are you doing in your life? I'd love to know. Comment Below. Don't be shy ;-)***


Feel free,