“Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come into it, to know it, to realize it. To be.” –Osho
When it comes to changing, people often think you must evolve into something not quite how you really are, but instead of how you should be. People have a way of expressing change as a place they are heading to. A place that is above who they are now and into the light of what they are supposed to be. The stretch of change seems so far and a bit unrealistic. Major things must happen for you to reach the place to say:
 “I. Have. Changed.”
The truth is, when we are changing we are becoming more of the person that is inside of us, more of the person that you say you are when no one is around. You are becoming the person you already knew but did not take the time to show. You are becoming you.
It is easy to debate how change is so radical and drawn out. It is more comfortable to dismiss  what you really are so your day can go smoothly, your career can go smoothly, your week can go smoothly, your relationship can run smoothly, your year can run smoothly……your LIFE, can run smoothly.
Can you imagine the kind of bumps you would cause if you truly expressed yourself in your relationship when asked, ‘What are you thinking about?’ Can you imagine the awkward moment shared by you and your close friends as you acted out a side that’s always been there but they have never seen.
Change seems so far away, into the future. It feels beyond where you can see. But if you look inside yourself for exactly what you are & exactly what you’re not, you will find nothing but reasons to show it. Show it to everyone you meet. Show it to those close to you, and the ones who barely know you. Change into what’s really inside: the reasons of who you are, the ideas you have, the talents you have been given, the things that make you truly happy. Don’t hold these back. You need to show these.

For to change who you are, is to change into who you really are.