If You Don't Move

If you do not inquire, how will you ever know? If you do not try, how will you achieve? If you do not move, how will you see progress? If you don’t take action towards the things to want, how will you ever get it? If you don’t start being what you strive to be how will you be it? You cannot call yourself an artist if you are not making art. You cannot call yourself a writer if you are not writing. You cannot call yourself ambitious if you are not striving for something great. There is much comfort in sitting, thinking, planning and daydreaming. You feel safe as you plan out your life in your head. There’s no noise, distractions or obstacles, only imaginary scenarios played out in a place opposite of reality. None of those plans, ideas and aspirations will become real if you do not take action. At times we feel all of our ducks must be in a row before we can start something: a solid monetary foundation, connections with the “right” people, a certain degree, and the list goes on. The truth is, none of that is needed to obtain what you want. The moment you start taking action towards what you want, is the moment you are making it possible for the opportunities to guide you towards your desires. Once the seed is planted within you, it is your responsibility to nurture it. Give it what it needs to bloom. Water it, give it sunlight, prune it, and give it space. Do this daily and in a matter of what will feel like no time at all, something amazing and beautiful will be before you. It may catch you off guard because just the other day it was only a seed in a small pot of soil. With discipline, persistence and love it managed to be greater than you anticipated. When you nurture your dreams you are showing yourself love. You deserve to be invested in but no one can do that until you do it for yourself. Do not think about the success. Do not think about the outcome. Do not think about others who are doing it. Just start! Start doing what you want. The action itself will motivate you alone. Each time you make one step you will want to make another. But you have to take the first step.

Live freely***~~**