Inspiration and Inconveniences: Why You Should Welcome Them Both


It’s at 2 a.m in the midnight hours that I want to do something productive. It doesn’t matter that in approximately 1 hour and 26 minutes a new born will be interrupting me with a cry of hunger, or that I should be sleeping because I have to wake up in 4 hours for work. Inspiration has no sense of time or circumstance. It comes like a gush of wind and when it does you can’t just jump off the wave. You must ride it out.

No matter how much structure you put in place, life is filled with a whole bunch of inconveniences.

What do you do when you’re doing one thing but something yanks you to do something else?

Now if you’re sleeping but are urged to work on your passion, that can be an inconvenience you invite into the present. But sometimes it’s the opposite. You’re working on your passion and something less exciting but more demanding grabs your attention: your job, an important phone call, or a crying baby.

This situation can be frustrating but we all have responsibilities that must be taken care of whether or not we're willing.

You may have said, if I had more money I could pay someone to take care of this, that and the other. Then I could spend all day practicing my craft, meditating, working out, or just getting things done that I actually want to do.

But we all know life is not that convenient. As much as we daydream, as much as we decorate our ideal future with no problems or distractions, and fill it with infinite bliss, that is not a reality. Life is messy, uncomfortable, and forever compromising with time and desire.

...and my inconvenience
...and my inconvenience

Don’t get ruffled when inspiration or inconvenience hits. That is a sign passion is brewing inside you and life has not forgotten you. Your existence matters to someone or something other than yourself and you must answer whenever you are called.

Take each as it comes and give great energy, effort, and attitude towards both. When frustration rears its ugly head, squash it. The things we must do and the things we want to do must find its place in each and every day.

Feel Free,


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