It's Absurd to Think the Single Woman is Happy

Is it really that absurd for a woman to enjoy being single? Does something have to be wrong with her? Why is it assumed that she’s not single by choice? In today’s time, and I guess since forever, a female’s worth and status is determined by the man she is with or not with. She could have her masters, a fulfilling career, her own home AND a car, but if she doesn’t have a man by her side, she must be unhappy. Now let me say this now: EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET WANTS TO BE AUTHENTICALLY LOVED AND ADORED BY ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. Although this is a universal truth that everyone is aware of, society has portrayed this to be more of a truth for women than men. If a man is single in his twenties, majority of people will think he’s enjoying his freedom and focusing on himself, his career, or simply “sowing his royal oats” . A female on the other hand has to be too picky, crazy, or something is definitely wrong with her. Why can’t females be in the same situation? Why can’t women choose not to be unhappy and just be…free. The 21st century woman is of a different species. We have more freedom, access to opportunities and education than our ancestors ever seen in their lifetime. We’re making more money and have the ability to govern our lives without depending on our counterparts. This puts the 20something year old female at an advantage in many areas except in love… at times. There’s a select group of men that are prepared for this progressive species. The rest fear or are confused by this “female”. She is challenging, insightful, sexy, aggressive, and daring. She fears so little including knowing her desires. One of two things can happen to this woman in the arena of love. Option No.1- She can be admired by many, but not attained by one. For her complexity is stifling, and let’s face it, there are easier options where the batteries are included. Option No.2- She can meet that man who sees the worth in having this unique woman. He knows himself and is excited about a woman who goes against the grain and authentically lives for her happiness at her own standards. Either way, what this woman cannot do is pretend. Pretend to be interested in someone that doesn’t match her value. Pretend to like guys just because they like her. Pretend she doesn’t yearn for a love that is transparent and beautiful in a time where people show so much of themselves but none of who they really are. She can’t pretend she doesn’t want to be happy. She has found great happiness within and until someone comes along and enhances that, you simply can’t take her away from herself.