Lessons Learned with Kristin Lloyd-Moussa

togetherI had the privilege of sitting down with Kristin Lloyd-Moussa. Kristin has been a transformational life coach and psychotherapist for over eight years and has had a private office practice for the last five years. Her role as a life coach has had an enormous impact on clients and she treasures the professional and personal satisfaction tied to this role. She is an example of someone who chose to live freely at all cost. She has grown into a successful independent entrepreneur and continues to grow and challenge herself in order to continue rising. I’m starting a series of blogs called Lessons Learned as an Entrepreneur. In each blog you will read about vital information other entrepreneurs who are pursuing their talents and passions have stumbled along their way to success. There will be a lot of achievements as well as failures along the way, but remember you absolutely cannot have one without the other. Lessons Kristin Lloyd-Moussa has Learned:

Lesson One:

“Discipline is vital for your business, especially when you are a one man band.”

Yes Kristin struggled with discipline at the beginning. She had to try multiple strategies before she found how to be consistent in her efforts. There is no way you will be successful doing ANYTHING, especially doing something you love, if you don’t learn the art of discipline. Even the most talented will be outrun by someone with half the talent but double the discipline. Spend the time necessary each day working on something towards your goals.

Lesson Two:

 “There is a whole different side of the business aspect other than what you do and the magic you bring to the table.”

It is one thing to be great at what you do, and it’s another thing to make money from what you do. Kristin learned to build relationships with other professionals by buying them donuts, giving her card and asking for referrals. In order to make a living as an independent entrepreneur you must get good at business. Running a business has almost nothing to do with the service you provide or the products you offer. It’s an entirely different entity that will determine if you will profit from your talent. Not only must you master your craft but you must master being a business.

Kristen side

Lesson Three:

“In the beginning, you keep your day job.”

Kristin worked on her day job from 5:30am- 2:00pm and saw her coaching clients from 3:00 – 8:00. This is a schedule Kristin maintained for years until she grew traction in her coaching practice. I know absolutely no one wants to hear this but it’s an undeniable truth. You can’t just exist. The days of living in the forest and off the land are over. It costs to live. You need healthy food for your body to function at its best. You need access to transportation. You need to buy supplies to build the foundation for your business. You need to take classes to learn about things you don’t know or have the ability to pay someone who already does. Point is, be grateful for that job that’s giving you hell because it’s also funding your dreams.

Lesson Four:

“When I am ready I will let this go”

There is no set time when you are supposed to leave one situation and go to the next. There is also no perfect time to do it. More than likely whenever you do choose to leave an opportunity, it will be uncomfortable, nerve wrecking, alarming, and downright scary. Whether you’re ready or not, these feelings will come but you must listen to that inner guide and move when it is time.

Lesson Five:

Secret Weapon: “One book I highly recommend is the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey”

Kristin swears by this book because of all the information it has taught her. This book is filled with so much insight about personal and business growth. There’s strategies on time management, recognizing your ego, and more. It’s an oldie but goodie. Read it once and you’ll never regret it.

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