Life is easy. It's living that's a bitch.

Life is easyIt is effortless to wake-up day after day, go to work, come home, watch some television, take a nap, play on the computer, shower then go to sleep. It is so easy to move the things you need to do until the following day. Days like these can be blissfully sweet- uninterrupted by drama or obligations. But don’t get it mistaken, these days can also leave you feeling drained, unmotivated, lethargic and restless. You know in your heart of hearts there’s so many things that you could be doing, but mustering up the energy to do any of them seems unrealistic. You’ve had a long week.

You’re not in the mood.

You just need a day or two to regroup.

You’re really, really not in the mood.

I get it. Believe me. But these kind of days can turn into your life. We’re all waiting for that special day, that special opportunity, that special someone to shake-up our lives and push us forward into this exciting, stress-free, happy-go-lucky place. Here’s news: THAT. DOES NOT. HAPPEN. The magic you are waiting for can only be sparked by you. And this is a hard pill to swallow because majority of the time we do not feel magical. Instead we are sleepy, frustrated, overwhelmed, and preoccupied.

I’ve recently decided that there should be a 9 month program for expecting mothers, which outlines detailed instructions on what needs to be done each month during pregnancy. If you’ve never had a child, you would probably assume it’s nothing but a bit of morning sickness, eating what you want (when you want), yoga, and people oohing and awing over your oversized belly. That is 15% of it. The rest is doctor’s visits, tests, planning a baby shower, booking maternity shots, remodeling your home, reading, sleepless night, tears for no reason, passionate arguments (I mean discussions) deciding the name of your unborn child, questioning from family and friends about your life decisions, financial investments, parenting classes and so much more. Along with this new role, I am still so many other things- an entrepreneur, aunt, girlfriend, employee, volunteer, dreamer, daughter, and sister. Each one of these roles have their own to-do lists. These roles don’t go anywhere. It is easy to throw-in the towel and stay in bed all day, neglecting all the other things in my life that matter, but doing that leaves me feeling unfulfilled, stressed, and disappointed with myself.

It’s about taking charge of your life and not falling into the trap of routine and self-defeat. It’s about having a purpose for each day. Living no matter what. Regardless if it’s relaxing, completing a project, spending time with family and friends, know your purpose for each day and do it with full force. Don’t hold back from having the life you want, but understand it doesn’t fall upon you, it is created from within you.

Feel free.