5 Ways to Make Goals More Manageable & Achievable

We all have goals. Some huge, others small. No matter the size, sometimes the goal requires more from us than we realized. This feeling can cause doubt, procrastination and sometimes drop the goal all together.  Whether your goals are ginormous or just a step in the right direction, learning ways to make goals more achievable without it taking over your life never hurt anyone. 

1 | Make it part of your routine.

There’s no better way to ensure you will accomplish something like spending time on it each day or week. Wouldn’t publishing a book be a lot easier if you spent 20 min a day writing, than if you decided you had lock yourself in a room for as long as it takes to complete your next masterpiece of a book?  When a goal becomes part of your routine it takes away the conflict of when to work on it or if you should in less than perfect circumstances.

2 | Have someone to talk to about your goals.

It’s not uncommon to hear that you should be careful who you share your dreams with. People can inflict their worries onto you and unintentionally discourage you. Deciding who to share your goals with may be a challenge but there’s no doubt this is important. My goals are much better fleshed out when I have people to talk to about them on a regular basis. Let it be someone you trust, who understands the process, and most importantly is working on their own goals.

3 | Schedule a date with your goals.
Once a month, schedule some time with just you and your goals. See how you both been doing. No pressure, just a review of you and the goal’s interaction. Here you can decide if the goal is still what you want. If necessary, ou can now readjust your energy towards the goal the following month.

4 | Have diverse goals.
Diverse goals prompts more experiencing and less grinding. When we have goals that only focus on one area like financial success, it’s easy to get drained and unmotivated. The overall experience of striving for a better your life can be filled with variety: spiritual, friendships, professional, physical, environmental, romantic. Growing in one area will also help growth in another.

5 | Put it on the Calendar.

“If you don’t schedule it, it doesn’t happen.” If you haven’t heard this enough by now and still don’t do it then there’s really nothing more I can say.

In 2018 we are truly in a time where anything is possible. Your goals are not as farfetched as it seems.

Make it part of you daily life.
Get you a trusted friend to have goal-talk.
Take your goals on a date every month.
Keep it multi-faceted.
And if you don’t want to forget your goal, pencil her in.

It’s part of who we are as humans to strive for a better future, it must mean that deep down we know it’s possible.

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