My New Found Motivation

So it's late, and I just got off the phone with someone who Generally makes me happy (someone I'm dating). The Convo: The events of his day 

1. Cable guy set me up now I have all the channels 
2. Made this homeless guys day by giving him Hawks tickets 
3. Someone gave me 2 free Hawks tickets and I took my friend.

                  - PAUSE- Instantly I knew this friend was a girl. 

We're both in our twenties, we're not exclusive, both of us go out to "mingle" on a regular basis, so why when I heard he chose to take some other girl to a game that I WOULD'VE LOVED VERY MUCH my heart pulsated a little bit. And I know it was a date because he also mentions eating at one of my old jobs, STATS, and that's where he found the homeless guy smh. Our conversation is cut short because he needs his GPS. I noticed the decrease in happiness from the beginning of the call to this silent moment with myself. I do the only thing that I know makes me happy without a doubt..I look for a fix. Netflix Never Ever fails me. I search down all  the selections and as anyone with Netflix knows you MUST be selective. You could easily end up with a chocolate you absolutely weren't expecting. I find this documentary HAPPY. It dives in to find the essence of Happiness. Most of the correct literature has evaporated in my green-abused mind BUT I do remember the concepts. It stated that while 50% of our happiness is determined by genetics, 10% is our circumstance/health/status, 40% is our actions. From young we are taught through various outlets (media, school, peers) that if we make a lot of money = HAPPINESS. You will grow up and marry that suitable bachelor/adorable beauty and live happily ever after = HAPPINESS. Large labels that you cannot afford but will have you looking too good to be touched = HAPPINESS. When in actuality none of it is true. Once we have our basic needs met, anything extra we will soon adapt to and eventually want more. Each of us knows what excites our hearts but we are flooded with so many other options it confuses us mad. The formula for happiness is different for everyone, knowhat makes you tick do it more often and REMEMBER we ARE SOCIAL CREATURES. We thrive in environments filled with love, compassion, and a sense of togetherness. As of tonight, I'm working on what I know makes me happy instead of what should make me happy. The first thing is sharing new-found enlightenment with others hence my first post :)