One Sure Way to Build the Confidence You Need to Act on What You Want

One of the first investments I made: a great camera
One of the first investments I made: a great camera

I've always been tight with my money. I'm a frugal person and not ashamed to admit it. I save, save, and save some more. Not for anything inparticular, more like a rainy day fund. But one day I was reading this post from one of my favorite blogs and it dawned on me that I get nervous to spend money on myself? Why is that? It's my money. I've earned it. Who else should it be spent on?

When it comes to my needs: bills, food, toiletries, shoes, I never think twice. Although, when it comes to things that may not be a necessity, but could be beneficial towards my goals, I hesitate.

Investing in yourself and your business is crucial to your success. Doing otherwise will stunt your growth, delay progress, and give you one more excuse to why you are here⬇ instead of there➡. We spend a lot of money on things that never pay for itself, but clutters our physical and mental space instead.

What if the money you had after paying for your needs (bills, food, shoes) you spent it on pursuing your goals? What if you bought a book, purchased an online course, attended a seminar, or hired a coach?

How would your goals be affected? That book would fuel you with knowledge. That course would provide you with tools and tactics. That seminar would ignite inspiration to push further. That coach would keep you on track and never allow you to waiver. You would be surprised by how much faster and easier your goals come into fruition.

I decided to do the same some time ago. I vowed to stop skimping on the things that mattered a lot to me (specifically my business). I spent the money and did not hesitate. It's funny how quickly things began to evolve. I gained access to information and opportunities that were unexpected. Speaking engagements started coming my way, clients were interested in hiring me, and I started to apply myself like never before.

Taking something as tangible as money and putting it towards something intangible, like dreams and goals, provokes confidence. I could see the vision in my head become more of a reality in my life.

Simply put, I put my money where my mouth is.

When you're presented with an opportunity to purchase something that would feed your dreams, and you hesitate instead of jump, subconsciously you are asking yourself one thing:

Can I really get a better job? Can I run my own business? Can I really do this?

Here's the thing, you can and you will, but only when you act will you find out. In order for others to invest in your talents you must be willing to do it first.

The vision in your mind is worth the money in your pocket. It's worth an opportunity to become reality and it cannot live off faith alone. Turn your dream into a need. Invest in yourself and never hesitate because what you have no one else can give.

Feel Free,