Do you play it safe or step into the jungle?

step  into the jungleYou can have this amazing life, with great friendships, a relationship you’re proud to be in, a career that excites you, and much more. It is true you can have all you have ever wanted, but to get there you must go through challenges and obstacles that feel as if they may kill you. There are a combination of experiences that will come your way that is meant to try and break you, expose you, shift you, and tear you down. These are no accidents. The truth is, you cannot stumble upon the life you aspire to have—you must go after it. Parents were never intended to give it to you. Your job is not there to build it for you. Your significant other is not meant to reveal it to you. You, and only you, can create it for yourself. As I make my way each day to manage my life as I aspire for dream number one, two and three, it becomes clearer that the things I choose to do and not do, create my tomorrow. It does not matter if I’m at odds with a friend, struggling on my job, or simply not in the mood to do anything productive. It does not matter, but it will show. All the excuses I give myself and all the conversations I have with my alternate personality can only disguise the reality of my situation for so long. The results of how you choose to deal with the things that aren’t going quite right will show itself over and over again, and that is fact.

You cannot protect yourself from sadness, without protecting yourself from happiness,

Johnathan Safran Foer

Does this mean it is better to stay on the side of caution where things are predictable, life is mundane, risks are never made, fights are never fought while time creeps by? Or is it better to take that step into the jungle and discover all the things you have been looking for? When things are unbearable you must remind yourself that the road to freedom was not meant to be smooth but some things are just worth fighting for.

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