Rejection is Your Protection

Thank you for your interest in being part of our organization. Although we are impressed by your accomplishments, at this time we cannot offer you an opportunity to interview. Thank you again. This is one of several emails I have received from various companies. Day after day, I spend hours going through tedious applications and putting my best foot forward in hopes of receiving a call back from one company that believes I would be a good fit for an open position.

In return, I get to read through rejection letter after rejection letter until that call comes.

“Rejection has the ability to tap into a very sensitive area within us.”

It has the ability to make us feel inadequate, unnoticed, unworthy, and unwanted. We grow up learning that if we are rejected by someone then there is something not quite right with us. It could be how we look, how we do things, or where we are from.

Just because we are rejected by someone does it really mean something is not right within us or this would not be a good fit for you and that other person.

Sometimes we want things that are not meant for us or good for us. It is easy to believe that because you want something then you should surely have it. But there is something or someone out there that actually knows what is meant for us even when we cannot see it for ourselves.

In order to get us closer to that divine intersection, in order to find that thing that fits into our lives like a puzzle piece, certain situations, people, and opportunities must be denied our attention. If it is not, the most precious thing of all will be wasted, time.

When someone you like doesn’t call you back, a job does not offer you a position, or someone denies you their friendship, do not waste time thinking about how if you were this, or better at that, then maybe this would not have happened. Think of that rejection as your protection from something sour and a setup for something sweeter.

Be grateful that none of your precious time will be wasted on something that you would eventually no longer want in your life.

Rejection has the ability to prepare you for what is rightfully yours and yours alone.

Feel free,