Stop falling in love with the fantasy

A lot has been going through my mind lately. My professional life is important to me, but my life as a whole is of greater importance. I was listening to the author of 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene. In his speech he explains in order to transform yourself, you need to not listen to what other people are saying, ignore what others are doing. And quit fixating on the outcomes, rewards, and fantasies of the accomplishments of others. Simply because what you see is a fantasy. Imagine, instead of seeing someone’s picture after they  lost 30 lbs, you would see how often they went to the gym, the inner thought process as they decided to eat healthy food over junk, nights where they meal prepped for the next couple of days. Instead of seeing someone’s book turn into a #1 Ny Times best seller, you would see the rejection letters from publishers, all the unfinished novels they’ve started but never completed, each event they went to read their work trying to promote their book. Instead of falling in love with the fantasy of an amazing career, the perfect relationship, or an exquisite figure, what if we saw the day-to-day ins and outs (the not so glamorous things).

What if you paid attention to the small things that elevate you?

We should appreciate each and every one of those moments that take us closer to where we want to be. Because after a certain amount of small (ever so gradual) changes that is when things will begin to come together. Your dream will come full circle and you won’t even know how.

The internet has changed the way we reflect and interpret events in the lives of others. There wasn’t social media to display everyone’s seemingly instant happiness or success. The generation before was not fed information at every turn to make them feel as if  they weren’t good enough, didn’t have enough, or not doing enough. The perception of success is now distorted. I want to help change this perception. I want to show the ins and outs of hard work instead of only seeing the outcome. I’ve always believed a dose of reality is the best teacher. As I take this journey in creating a career I love for myself, I hope to inspire others to get out of fantasy land and step into their life like never before.

typing with no desk

*I recently moved so I have little to no furniture. I don't like to do work in my bed, because I always get sleepy. So this is me on the floor as I write this blog. This desk finally arrived this week but still needs to be assembled. Weekend project*

Feel Free.