The 1 Reminder Every Mom Needs

I'm a mom and an entrepreneur. I'll always be both.
I'm a mom and an entrepreneur. I'll always be both.

Just because you're raising a child, your ambitions don't dissappear. All the things you've ever wanted to do are still there, waiting, lurking, wondering when you're going to acknowledge their presence once again.

While I was pregnant I had this awesome plan of how I was going to raise an amazing child and build a business in all my spare time. (Moms know there's no such thing as spare time) I was going to wake up early or stay up late. Multitask while playing with my son. Go to events with my baby right on my hip as if nothing had changed. I even started a meet up group within the last month of my pregnancy,  totally convinced I would have one event a month (since IV has been born I haven't had a single event).

When my little one actually came along, nothing, and I mean ab-so-lute-ly nothing, was like I thought it would be. From my body, to my emotions and my mind, I was different in ways that were painfully obvious. I never knew I could reach a point of tiredness that at any moment I wasn't actively doing something, I was falling asleep. I didn't know showering and eating would turn into 10 minute breaks of me time. I had no idea that I could cry at the drop of a dime all because I dropped something and I couldn't reach to pick it up in fear of waking my baby.

Thoughts of working on my business didn't exist. How could it? I could barely think straight.

I was too tired, too confused, and too unmotivated to see my dreams.

But I pushed forward.

"There's no slowing down,  as the globe spins around and round. You gotta keep going"-- Jehne Aiko

As much as I wanted to give up, something inside wouldn't let me. So I kept creating. I created action steps for myself for when I did get my MOJO back. I wrote blog posts even though I wasn't posting any. I stayed connected to people I wanted to build business relationships with.

You have to reconnect with who you are.

These things were small but it kept a tiny lit fire burning inside me when I was ready to blow it out.

You have to remind yourself that you still have options even though you have no idea how it's going to happen.

Having a child will change how you thought you would achieve success. It will change your vision for the future and what you're willing to do AND NOT DO to get there. But it's a journey like any other. You must stay focused, be resourceful, get creative, stay hopeful, andkeep going.

I dont stop and think about how things will work out becuase if i do, everything feels impossible. And nothing positive comes from a state of doubt. You have to do the work not concerned about whether you're going to get there because you will.

Every little thing you continue to do builds your desire, strengthens your capabilities,  and opens opportunities for everything you want out of life.

Just like your child, your ambitions aren't going anywhere so no point in ignoring them.

Feel free,