The Search to Find Your Happiness

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The other day I was watching a movie on a Netflix called Hector and the Search for Happiness. It grabbed my attention because it's a common journey that we all partake at one point in our lives. Plus it looked like an Indi (Independent Film) and I love Indi's.

In the movie he goes on this hunt to find what really brings people happiness by traveling to multiple countries, in hopes of healing his distress clients and his mundane lifestyle. There are a couple realizations throughout the film that inspired this post. Here they go:

Many ppl only see happiness in their future

- For some reason many of us are under the impression that true happiness will come into our lives once we reach a certain place on this road called life. A place that we can be proud of, brag about. A place that we have been dreaming about since childhood. But how will you know you have reached this moment? When will what you've done and what you have, be enough to feel grateful and blissfully happy? Happiness is about perspective. Try taking a second look at where you are and see the beauty in all you've become.

Making comparisons kill happiness

-This is true without a doubt. For me there are certain FB pages I won't even go to because they are in a place that I aspire to be and the more I focus on their greatness the less attention I give my own. You have to actively not compare yourself to others because we all have our own story. No two is alike. Be glad for where you are and where you are going because it's the only path you could've taken.

Avoiding unhappiness is not the road to happiness

- People are so desperate to avoid hardship. How many times have you heard someone say they're purposefully pushing people away because they don't want to be hurt again or dissappointed? So they do everything and anything to hurt someone who is genuinely trying to love them or at the very least get to know them. All because of the thought of being possibly unhappy the some point. Grow up! Happiness is the some of sadness, fear, and love. You can't be picky about the emotions that brings you to life. Don't rob yourself of all that life can be because it's not favorable all the time. It's simply not supposed to be.

Happiness is answering your calling

-It is one thing to work but it's another thing to work towards what it is you are meant to do. (And we are all meant to do something) Each of us has a calling. Each of us are supposed to carry out specific tasks while we are here. It is important that to find what you were put on this planet to do and don't hesitate to complete it.

Happiness is knowing how to celebrate the small things

-It does not have to be grand and extravagant for it to bring you joy. We can get so caught up in grand gestures and huge announcements that kind words and considerate actions go unnoticed. Find joy in all the things that put a smile on your face- whether they be big or small.

Happiness is if your person brings you predominantly up

-How long must a person stay with someone who brings them joy only occasionally? How hurt does someone need to be in order to realize it’s time to move on? Your person should bring you higher, make you better and take you places you could never imagined going before. Life is too short to be loved any less.

Find your happiness—claim it, express it, and never, EVER let someone steal it.

Feel Free,


**This month the theme is HAPPINESS. All posts and pics will revolve around what makes me happy, what makes others happy and the role happiness plays in personal and professional lives**