The Power, Pain, and Process of Letting Go

Letting go is not about throwing everything away, cutting off toxic relationships, and chopping off all your hair.  Granted, each of these things may happen as you shed the old you and welcome in a new phase. But there’s more going on underneath the surface. I was highly ambitious a few weeks ago when I decided to spend the next 19 days letting go of everything unnecessary in my life. Just in time for a fresh start on my 28th birthday. The first couple of days were a breeze. I was tossing like a mother. Plus I had great motivation to donate for Hurricane Harvey relief in Houston. It wasn’t until I reached the non-physical things that brought up tons of hesitation. Sometimes we’re ready for great change in life on birthdays, New Years, in new seasons, but even positive change can feel awful adjusting to, especially when doing it alone.

Expect the Great, Gross, and Transforming

Letting go of things should feel freeing and revitalizing, right? There should be a total shift in your heart, body and spirit that makes you feel like a new person. Let me assure you, these feelings do come, but not during the process. When you’re clearing out your closet, deleting thousands of emails, tossing memorabilia of horrible exes, you’re also reflecting on the choices you’ve made. And these choices don’t go down easy. You struggle with the shame and disappoint. All of sudden, your and past and present are looking you in the face begging for answers. That’s where most of us get angry, sad or both then bail. We’d rather not deal with it, not today, not ever. But that’s the thing, it never leaves us. The energy of our things and choices is always there and it rears its ugly head the next time change comes into our lives (a new relationship, birth, death, a new job opportunity).  

The Power in Letting Go

We are the sum of our experiences. Each one preparing us for the next. We often ask to be blessed with greatness beyond measure, yet don't understand what it will take to hold onto the things we desire. Letting go is about taking the time to learn from our past. Reflect on it, grow from it, and be thankful for getting past it. Most of all, it’s embracing who and where we are now. None of us are who we were two years ago, one relationship ago, or even a day ago. Today we are filled with new hopes and aspirations that can only materialize if we make room for it. That’s why there’s power in learning to let go.  

Learn to Let Go

A few weeks ago I was stopped dead in my tracks as I let go of everything from papers and emails to negative thoughts. Letting go of things that don’t provide value to our lives, produce benefits of many kind: clarity, focus, less stress, increased content, peace, joy and the list goes on. Getting stuck in the process can be discouraging but the positive effects are also motivation enough to learn how to overcome them. I realized just like my clients, I needed support, and knew I wasn’t the only one. As Fall sheds the dead to hibernate for the Winter in preparation to blossom in the Spring, the symbolism of it felt like the perfect time to learn the art of letting go. For the month of October I’ll be practicing the art of letting go and having candid conversations about the process.  If you’re ready for a new season in your life, join in, let go and start anew.

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Join the  Facebook group  for inspiration and support as together we learn to let go and feel free.

Join the Facebook group for inspiration and support as together we learn to let go and feel free.


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