Are your thoughts on success all wrong?

successWhat if how we've been taught to think about success is all wrong? What if all these years our version of success and happiness is skewed by society, peers, and the media. If someone was to tell you that they graduated from Havard, they are now a lawyer for a firm based out of New York City, have a pent house in Manhatten, all while the two of you are sitting in his 2015 Audi, would you think he was successful? By many people’s standards he would be. Why? Because he fits inside the categories that society glorifies: doctors, lawyers, singers, actors, professors, ivy league alumni, luxury vehicle owner, and city dweller. These roles are considered glamorous and are often aspirations. But what if you met a mother who raised three incredible and happy children, single but enjoys dating, who absolutely loves teaching, lives in a home outside the city and loves trying something new every month like cooking or dance classes. Would she be considered successful?

If the lawyer hated his job, could never find a partner he actually wants to commit to, hardly ever saw his family because it's been difficult maintaining a healthy relationship with anyone back home since college, was tired of the fast-paced lifestyle in the city and really yearned for somewhere quieter. Would he still be stamped successful?

I look at how much people are looking for this one form of success that may or may not even be what they truly want, but since it is sealed, signed and approved by everyone else, that’s the kind of success people aim for. There are so many jobs available but people only want to fight over the same ones- doctor, lawyer, teacher, singer, rapper, actress. There are so many different kind of people to fall in love with but instead people want to fight over the same person- big butt, small waist, long weave, or tall, masculine built, dreamy smile.   There are so many different lifestyles to live but people want to live the life they see everyone else living- clubs, drugs, lust, and endless partying.

It’s really important to find your own version of success and happiness. It’s important to determine for yourself what would make this life (YOUR LIFE) phenomenal, meaningful, and exciting.

You are not meant for everybody and everything is not meant for you.

It is okay to recognize and accept that. Live as if you were the only judge because no one else matters. You only have one chance to live. Live it based on your standards and yours alone.

Feel free,


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