What are You Meant to Do?

I've always had a knack for organizing, but it wasn't until I paid attention to the signs around me that I realized "People will pay for a service like this."

Every single thing that happened in your life is preparing you for the moment to come -- Oprah

The reason you were made was no accident. It took divine intervention and a series of steps for your existence to come about. You were no mistake. No matter how unprepared your parents were. No matter if they had no intentions of having a child, there was nothing that could stop you from being created.

Think about that for a second...

You are destined for something that is greater than you. You cannot hide from your gifts and purpose. You cannot shield yourself from the personality that is within you. You must be who you are in this world and express it shamelessly.

We all have a purpose and it is hinted to us from the beginning of our lives.

From the age when I could do chores, that was probably 7 years old, I was organizing EVERYTHING. I remember having to gather the trash from each room, sweep, and wiped down counters every Saturday morning. I always ended up categorizing toiletries and accessories.  I made sure every single item had a home. Once I finished I was relaxed and proud. As I got older. I did the same at visits to my sister's newest fly apartment. She would go out and by the time she came back her jewelry was organized, her purses were assorted by color, her shoes were neatly tucked in their respective boxes. All her clothes were hung up and folded, long dresses over here, button ups over there, freak'em dress here. She was always elated to come home to a clutter free bedroom with all her favorite items shining for her to see. Plus she would see all the things she no longer wanted and I would get first dibs (little sister perks). It wasn't until I was on probation (from a traffic violation. I'm no criminal but I murder these streets lol smh). It wasn't until I was on probation and I did my hours at a charity house when I realized I need to organize for a living! I was reorganizing their ENTIRE building and it dawned on me that people need this service and I need to use this gift to build a career. From then on I began building my portfolio as a professional organizer.

Your calling feels like a tap at first. If you're not paying attention it will start to show up in a series of taps. These taps will soon turn into nudges-- nudging you towards one direction. If you ignore it and head the other way, the nudges will turn into pulls. A pull that is so strong, that everywhere you go you are reminded of what it is you should be doing.

Because people often forget that we are not the sole creator of the world around us, it can feel odd going in a direction that was not your idea in the first place. It can be unsettling to believe you should be doing one thing but you continue to do something else.

Listening to the signs life throws our way will lead to authentic happiness and satisfaction. There is nothing greater than playing out the role you were destined to play. If you are thinking I don't know what I'm meant to do, just stop. You are doing it all the time without even realizing it. What do you do automatically without realizing it? What do you do without even trying? What is something you are well known for among your family and friends? What have you been doing since you were a child that you still do today?

It could be as simple as talking plenty, making friends where ever you go,  or planning projects. If talking is second nature for you, maybe you would be great at radio, hosting conferences, or doing speaking engagements.

If you effortlessly make friends the moment you step into a room, you are a natural relationship builder which is a needed skill in PR, Marketing and Business.

If you're always planning a girls night out, birthday parties, or trips, maybe event planning or project management is your thing.

Point is, notice the taps, follow the nudges, and give into the pulls life reveals to you. You are the co-creator of the world around you, but there is already a plan in place for you. All you have to do is follow it.

Feel Free,