What Do We Need to Feel Satisfied in Life?

life satisfactionWhat is it that we need so much of? Is it undying attention that never withers and refuses to fade? Is it deep understanding that makes us feel transparent and free to express our truest thoughts? Is it a connection with another person that finally has us no longer needing to explain ourselves? Is it a career that we don’t complain about and are eager to get to each day; instead of counting the hours, time seems to just get away from you. Is it a bank account that doesn't need to be checked after one too many swipes? Is it a family that resembles the modern day Brady Brunch: both parents have six-figure jobs, there aren’t deep-rooted issues between siblings, everyone is fully independent and doesn’t need to rely on one another for financial support. What is it that we need to feel satisfied with our lives? What is it that we need to make us feel good about where we are even if it falls short is different than where we thought we would be?  Although we know deep down that things could be worse, we still have the tendency to feel as if our life doesn’t measure up. There are so many things that could be better. There are so many wants that don’t feel within arm’s reach. What we tend to forget is, it’s not that actual thing or circumstance that give us pure pleasure, it’s the quest. It’s the discovery and unveiling of parts of you that bring about this satisfaction that we all long to grab and hold onto. It’s the changes we make, the pieces of us that grow. It’s the embrace of the qualities and talents we’ve suppressed for longer than we can remember. It’s wonderful to think about when you finally reach the finish line: finish that mixtape, complete that book, get that diploma, meet your soul mate, have a great relationship with your dad, have that ultimate career. It’s those thoughts that are there to urge us to make our way towards those things--to take one step further to getting the things we desire. If we were to get what we wanted by the end of today, it would mean absolutely nothing by the end of the week. The journey to obtain these wants is what gives us that sweet satisfaction we all need.